How Can Retailers Gain “Share of Wallet”?

The Customer's Wallet
Getting customer’s (re)attention during the tough economic times of 2012


The Customer's Wallet

The 2012 holiday season is in full swing and businesses are finding ways to gain customer attention and “share of wallet” even in the era of the fiscal cliff. How will they achieve a predicted 4.1 percent increase in US retail spending over 2011? How about the predicted 12 percent increase in online sales? What do our own shopping attention spans tell us about this success?

All of us are thinking carefully about our purchases this year and yet we are spending money. In the past, I may have deleted many so-called cyber offers but lately they have caught my eye. And I don’t mean just the obvious Facebook pages or Twitter feeds. In chasing after these emailed offers online I am saving money on gas, saving time, quickly comparing prices and even delivering goodwill.


“I Don’t Like My Increase!”

“I Don’t Like My Increase!”

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