How Do Mid-sized SUVs Stack Up For Small Business?

Mid-sized SUVs offer unparalleled business benefits for Latino entrepreneurs.

SUVs Still Offer Cost-value Business Benefits


Expiring Bonus Depreciation for Capital Equipment Should Not Limit Vehicle Investment

Few businesses choose to invest solely on the basis of tax incentives, and mid-sized SUVs still provide the best fit for Latino entrepreneurs. Although bonus depreciation allowances have expired, investing in company SUVs still brings many advantages to small business owners. Multiple options for towing, hauling and passenger seating make leasing or buying a 2013 SUV a good value for Hispanic small business owners. Benefits of SUVs over company trucks include:



  • Cargo flexibility
  • High-performance with better gas mileage
  • Extensive range
  • Versatile business purposes
  • Classier styling to enhance business reputation



Providing Jobs in the Community

Luxury 2013 SUVs make signature statements when transporting work crews to job sites, hauling cargoes or delivering upscale products to valued clients. Affordable but still elegant, these vehicles give business owners the flexibility to haul construction materials or deliver upmarket catering products. Working entrepreneurs can use these vehicles for business and personal use, demonstrate their success and still carry tools and equipment for hardworking construction crews. Core benefits of mid-sized SUVs for small business include:



  1. Bigger rides for large jobs simplify transportation issues.
  2. Luxury models impress clients when style and reputation matter.
  3. More powerful engines match the capabilities of rugged working trucks.
  4. Turbocharged engines offer great gas mileage similar to that of an economy vehicle.
  5. SUVs protect and cushion delicate cargo.
  6. Safety feature options include lane departure warnings, blind spot alerts and back-up cameras.

Avoiding collisions not only protects business reputations but also provides safety for workers, families and community bystanders. SUV safety features could prove crucial to any Latino small business by eliminating accidents, legal actions and losses of equipment and time.



What’s New in Mid-sized SUVs

SUVs continue to shed pounds without compromising power, safety or interior capacity. Many models have risen out of the teens in their gas-mileage performance and now get than 20 mpg by using variable cylinder management, automobile-chassis structure and aerodynamic engineering. Mid-sized vehicles include Toyota Highlander, Volkswagen Touareg, Ford Edge, Hyundai Sante Fe, Chevrolet Traverse, Subaru Tribeca, Nissan Pathfinder and Dodge Durango. Some of the latest advances in styling and engineering for 2013 and 2014 include:



The 2013 Subaru Tribeca has excellent visibility, an appealing interior and exterior appearance, comfortable seating and good resistance to wind and outside noise. Photos courtesy of Subaru.

13TDI_TRIb022x 13TDI_TRIb014x



The Toyota Highlander features a sleeker silhouette, sculptured side-door panels, wrap-around headlights and automatic lift-gates for hauling convenience. Photos courtesy of Toyota.

2013_Toyota_Highlander_011_46185_2524_low 2013_Toyota_Highlander_014_46194_2524_low



The Ford Edge offers edgy styling and an extensive range of options including cutting-edge communications technologies for business and upgrades in materials and design. Photos courtesy of Ford.

2014 Ford Edge  2014 Ford Edge




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