Hydration Options Impacting Small Business Owner Health





Sweetened Iced Tea

Tea can be an extremely healthful beverage, especially Green Tea which is loaded with healthful antioxidants.

However, when it comes to buying iced tea from the store, a cafe, or restaurant, it is important to read the nutrition label and ask if it is sweetened. Many bottle iced teas are pre-sweetend for flavor and can have upwards of 35 grams of sugar per bottle (the equivalent of 7 spoonfuls of sugar) which is quite a large amount for a beverage.

Being mindful and asking about the sugar content of the tea when you are out and about or grabbing lunch at work can save a lot of calories that would add minimal nutritional value to your diet.

Sweetened Tea Alternative: Unsweetened Tea with a lemon or orange slice for flavor.

Sweetened Coffee Drinks

Much like tea, coffee also has many health benefits.

Though everyone has a different caffeine sensitivity that they should be mindful of, coffee contains antioxidants and has been shown to improve cognitive function and mental alertness. However, when we resort to pre-made coffee drinks or blended coffee drinks, we can run into trouble with sugar.

Blended, sweetened coffee drinks can have upwards of 60g of sugar, even more than a soda sometimes.

Also, the sweeter the drink, often the less actual coffee is present for its health benefits. Being mindful of your coffee order can save you from consuming extra calories and not getting the most from your coffee.

Alternative to Sweetened Coffee Drinks: Hot or Iced Latte or Coffee with Low Fat or Fat-Free Milk and a Teaspoon of Sugar

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