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IBM SmartCamps are two day long events that bring together and judge the best start-up companies in different cities around the globe. At the event, IBM brings together local venture capitalists, serial entrepreneurs, professors and IT industry experts to provide mentoring and advice to participants.

At the conclusion of the event, participants pitch their business to a panel of judges. The winners of the SmartCamp event receives mentoring, services, access to industry experts and deeper partnership opportunities from IBM, venture capital firms and industry partners. They also receive an invitation to take part in the SmartCamp Global Finals, where the IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year is named.

In 2012 IBM launched SmartCamp KickStarts. KickStarts are shorter versions of the SmartCamps. Participants present their business to a variety of industry experts, mentors and venture capitalists and receive mentoring and coaching. At the conclusion of the SmartCamp KickStart, a winner is named. This company will be fast-tracked through the application process for the appropriate regional SmartCamp event.

IBM SmartCamps are a key part of IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program. This program offering a variety of ways for entrepreneurs and their small businesses to grow their business, get access to leading experts and technology, and ultimately get their products to market faster.

SmartCamps are also part of IBM’s commitment to Start-up America, President Obama’s initiative to support entrepreneurialism and drive innovation and job creation. (January 31, 2012 is the one-year anniversary of Start-up America.)

In 2012, there are four IBM SmartCamp Events: Boston, Beijing, Berlin, Sao Paolo. (The global finals location & date has not been announced for 2012). 2012 IBM SmartCamp KickStart Locations: Miami, New York City, Munich, Bangalor, Tel Aviv, Moscow, Paris, Istanbul, London, Cape Town, Mexico City and Dublin.


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