June Is Inclusivity Month – What It Means for Us

abstract Celebrating diversity and inclusivity in teamworks

An inclusive workforce whether Hispanic or other is one in which everyone feels welcome.

All employees, managers, distributors, vendors, clients, and consumers feel seen and appreciated as part of the workplace culture. In today’s era, it’s important for businesses to focus on creating a culture of equality for themselves and their community.

That’s why this month Latin Business Today is highlighting inclusivity and the importance of developing a diverse and inclusive environment in the workforce.

Inclusion should be an omnipresent focus for organizations. We recognize that several organizations may find it difficult to address the subjects of diversity and inclusion, especially the importance that it has in today’s organizations. And although social injustice may be what initiates the efforts behind inclusion, more and more businesses are beginning to consider inclusion, diversity, and equality as an advantage which can lead to major growth.

Hispanic businesses and all businesses which have been shown to foster inclusive practices when it comes to hiring, promoting, and developing their leaders and managers have produced 30 percent higher revenue per employee. This has led to higher profit margins compared to their competition. When a business does not have a culture of inclusivity, the lack of diversity in teams may decrease the efficiency of the teams’ outcomes.

Inclusion practices will remain a vital component for successful organizations. Research has shown that when employees feel included, they develop a sense of belonging which not only improves performance but also leads to more efficient and collaborative teams that are more inventive and successful. When employees feel like they are included and appreciated as they are, they become more involved with the entire organization, leading to better engagement, retention, productivity, and overall success.

When you decide to create a corporate culture that fosters inclusivity, it is imperative that there is buy-in from top-level managers so that inclusivity is upheld as one of the company’s core values. To really create a company’s culture, everyone must understand the significance of inclusivity, regardless of the role they have in the company, so that all involved have access to the same treatment, resources, growth, and experiences.

Employees must feel free to express themselves and their unique ideas and perspectives. When everyone feels like their lives, choices, and efforts are embraced and respected, companies tend to face less absenteeism, turnover, and HR-related situations.

One way Hispanic and other businesses can support welcoming and inclusive language is by encouraging the use of gender-neutral terms like partner and spouse, especially when the marital status of a particular employee is unknown. Welcoming language helps create a sense of community and belonging, which highly supports teamwork and collaboration.

When it comes to training and growth within your corporation, everyone should be able to take advantage of trainings or promotions based on their skills, seniority, and performance. When companies commit to developing their culture and people, it starts with the onboarding process. There should be clear policies, visions, values, and codes of conduct that allow all employees to be on the same page and have clarity as to what is expected of them in terms of upholding your company’s culture.

A strong corporate culture founded on inclusivity will not only build trust and foster a positive office environment, but it will also build stronger employee-employee and employee-manager relationships, where everyone can feel appreciated, heard, supported, and able to succeed. Hispanic businesses and all businesses will benefit from diversity practices.

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