Lake Como Visiting The Pearl of Italy

Bellagio, Italy is known as the pearl of Lake Como an exceptional location with a Mediterranean climate in the midst of the scenic Alps


This year has been quite an adventure. Traveling through major cites, around regal hotels and exploring Eco-friendly resorts.


My career in travel, has been a conglomeration of marketing, sales, and PR disciplines for luxury travel resorts and suppliers worldwide. Over the last twelve years, since establishing The Carroll Group I have had the pleasure of representing the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio, Como Italy as their Public Relations representative in the Americas.

A visit to “Bellagio” and a stay at this magnificent hotel. No, not the hotel in Vegas but “the real’ Bellagio. A small village sitting among the mountains on Lake Como located in Italy’s Lombardy region, this is a destination that never disappoints. This enchanting Italian location has become known as ‘the Pearl of the Lake’. This is a city I have returned to time and again over the years, always pleased to rediscover this special gem.

Just Head South from The Alps and Stop at Lake Como

Lake Como Italy

The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio on Lake Como is located in the northern Italy, just south of the Alps and is filled with glorious panoramas. It’s architecture, artistic workmanship and the riches of nature continue to be a popular destination for all travelers. Unmistakable Lake Como displays an upturned ‘Y’ shape, which carved by a glacier that was split in two by a mountain that stood in its path.

Lake Como is an exceptional location affording a Mediterranean climate in the midst of the scenic Alps. Lake Como is not only one Italy’s largest lakes but also one of the richest in terms of charm and culture. The ancient Romans favoured the region planting olive trees and laurels they transported from the world’s more temperate regions.

As the deepest lake in Europe with a depth of 410m, its waters are a thermal reserve. Year after year these warm waters deliver mild winters and beautiful summers. Averaging 200 days of sunshine per year there is always an excellent chance you’ll be enjoying sunshine.

At the Heart of Lake Como Sits The Village of Bellagio

The hotel occupies the most picturesque spot at the extreme point dividing the two southern branches of the lake. Almost entirely surrounded by the blue waters of Lake Como the village of Bellagio is hidden on the lower slopes of the Alps. A delightful little town with its perfectly preserved architectural treasures waiting to be rediscovered time and again.

The Regal Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni


The Regal Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni is the only 5-star luxury hotel in Bellagio. It’s tradition and discreet exclusiveness makes it one of the most sought after travel destinations around the world.

The New York Times has called the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni “One of the Best Hotels in the World”. Conde Nast Traveler has included it numerous times on its “Gold List” and as one of the listings of the World’s Best 100 Hotels. Travel & Leisure’s has also named it over the years as one of the “World Best Hotels”

Family owned 

For generations the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni has belonged to The Bucher family. To this day it remains a dynasty in the luxury sector as the family continues its operation.





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