Latin Biz Today-Oscar Hernandez Latin Jazz Music Showcase: Margo Rey [Video]
Latin Biz Today Oscar Hernandez Latin Jazz Showcase Margo Rey

Latin Biz Today and 4X Grammy Award winner Oscar Hernandez spotlight talented Latin Jazz Musicians, Technicians & Studio engineers

Spotlight artist: Margo Rey     Music genre: Latin Jazz

Margo Rey Performing Angel Eyes:

Margo ReyInstruments: Vocals, Piano, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Horn.

Capabilities: Composer, Vocalist, Band Leader, Arranger, Hand Percussion, Dancer, Actor, Spokesperson, Philanthropist.

LBT Please tell us about your background? I was born into a very artistic family in Acapulco, Mexico. Her father, a renowned cliff diver, her mother, a flamenco dancer who later immigrated with their five children to the US to raise their family and pursue their career in hospitality. I was raised in Dallas, Texas and has lived in NYC, Atlanta, Santa Barbara and is now happily based in Los Angeles, California. She’s a Jazz vocalist with a classical music background who writes and records pop songs and tours whenever possible

Margo Rey dancingLBT What are your goals professionally and personally? To bring inclusivity and a message of love and the human condition through her lyrics, music, creative writing and the spoken word. To continue to be a creative collaborator in music compositions, successful commercial musical releases as well as performances in large format venues around the world.

Who or what are your inspirations/role models/muses? Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald, Keith Jarret, Jill Scott, Sting, Harry Connick Jr., Jon Batiste, Tina Turner, The Roots, Stevie Wonder, Mariachi Vargas, Frida Khalo, Dolly Parton, John Oates, Oscar Hernandez, Celia Cruz, Maya Angelou, Quincy Jones.

Margo Rey Bio:

Margo is a 9X Billboard, Top 20  singer, songwriter, producer, and arranger. In 2009, she co-founded the L.A. based,  independent record label, OMG which bears the same name as her-self defined musical genre, Organica. Margo defines Organica as a ferociously nuanced hybrid of pop music rooted in Jazz. Among her Top 20 hits, two, are number 1 dance hits and one is the most played original indie, Christmas song (“This Holiday Night”) of the last decade. One of Margo’s most notable songwriting partners is Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame’s singer/songwriter John Oates. Margo is an accomplished jazz vocalist who has sung in 8 languages throughout her career. Most recently, The Roots of Rey, she embraces her Latin Jazz roots by collaborating with multi-Grammy winning, pianist, composer and arranger Oscar Hernandez. Together, they created a re-imagined Latin American songbook for a re-shaped America. This has garnered her much radio play on Sirius XM Real Jazz and other platforms worldwide. Margo has branched out from OMG and has set out to create her next hybrid musical success. She  currently lives in the Los Angeles where she writes, records, acts and tours. You can follow Margo’s various projects on all major social media platforms.

Charted Hits and Original Songs:

“Let the Rain,”  “Between Us,”  “Habit,”  “Get Back,”  “This Holiday Night,”  “Silent Night,” “Tempted,”  “Colours,”  “Never 2 Late.”

Visit Margo’s website:

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