Latin Biz Today’s Virtual Lounge and Social Media Superstars Team Up on Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

Latin Biz Today’s Virtual Lounge and Social Media Superstars Team Up on Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

NEW YORK, Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Latin Business Today, LLC (Latin Biz Today) and BrandFire announce the appearance of Adam and Tank on The Latin Biz Today Virtual Lounge, Thursday, Aug. 27 at 6pm ET.  The event, sponsored by “Corona Premier” will showcase their track record of success. They’ve grown a sizeable following on Instagram exceeding 770K and 2.1M respectively in a relatively short period of time. Tina Trevino Latin Biz Today partner, Director of Community Relations will host and moderate this this panel of fun and engaging experts.

As co-founder of NYC based marketing firm BrandFire, Adam has an array of experience working on projects for Coca-Cola, Pfizer, Spanx and Budweiser. Adam and his company were most recently featured on an episode of the CNBC reality show “Back in the Game” with Alex Rodriguez and Evander Holyfield.

In our new world of conducting business virtually and digitally, we’ll talk about how to communicate successfully in an on-line digital environment. We’ll also have a lot of fun with these two high energy personalities whose alter egos on Instagram have created incredible memes you’ll recognize that have gone viral.

Adam and Tank will cover these keys to success in the lighthearted and fun tradition of the Latin Biz Today Virtual Lounge around the theme Using Social Media to Grow Your Business, during COVID (and beyond), Communicating Successfully via Digital Channels and Growing Your Business On-Line.

Wrap up your day, grab your favorite beverage and join us for the fun! For a quick and easy, no fee registration through Eventbrite click here before 6pm ET on Aug. 27.

About BrandFire
We turn companies into brands. That starts with a conversation with your CEO. Because the vision comes from the top. We talk to your key stakeholders. We listen. We debate. We execute. And soon (say 3-6 months) what was once simply a company is now a brand. For more about BrandFire or reach Adam Padilla (@adam.the.creator) and George Resch(@tank.sinatra).

About Latin Business Today
Latin Business Today, LLC is a national multi-platform drives growth and success by blending a focus on work-life-culture lifestyle with high level expertise rooted in the trusted advisor legacy of mentorship and success of Dr. Les “Coach” Fernandez. Latin Business Today serves as a resource for the Latinx business community which seeks to address actual challenges with real solutions. Currently over 150 of the “best and brightest” team of experts and exemplary mentors-contributors along with a nationally recognized advisory board identify solutions for today’s rapidly changing market with a Latinx nuance. Sign up for our newsletter. For more information reach Tina Trevino or Michelle Martinez Reyes or Visit: Latin Biz Today, Latin Biz Hoy, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter @latinBizToday and Instagram

SOURCE Latin Business Today, LLC

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