Local Pride: Frida & Diego in Atlanta








Great Lengths: How the Collection Was Compiled


Despite its status as the High’s first bilingual art exhibition, “Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics, and Painting” will be breathtaking in its scope. In fact, the 123-piece exhibition will represent the largest-ever compilation of these two artists’ work.
Compiling such a collection requires a tremendous amount of diligence and negotiating skill. It also requires a great deal of trust and generosity from the collectors who choose to lend out their works. Indeed, “Frida & Diego” owes its completeness to the generosity of three major benefactors:

• Museo Dolores Olmedo, a world-renowned public repository of Kahlo’s work in Mexico City

• Galeria Arvil, an exhaustive contemporary art collection in Mexico City

• The Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection of Mexican Art, a Rivera-heavy private collection curated by family friends of Kahlo and Rivera

The curators of “Frida & Diego” went to great lengths to secure important works on loan from these three collectors. Thanks to their generosity, Greater Atlanta’s Hispanic community will enjoy unfettered access to many of the most famous works of Mexican modernism..

“Frida & Diego” will further serve the Atlanta-area Hispanic community with Spanish-language guided tours on Sundays during its entire run. On most Saturdays, the High will show a number of Spanish-language films by Carlos Reygadas and Gabriel Figueroa. These include:

• “Un retrato de Diego” on February 23

• “Los olvidados” on March 2

• “Enamorada” on March 23

• “Japon” on April 13

• “Revolucion” on April 20