Meal Preparation: The Secret to a Successful Work Week
Meal preparation for small business owners

For Professionals today, time is always a scarce resource, especially when you are working full-time.


Work needs to get done and deadlines need to be met, often at the expense of other important aspects of life, such as health and nutrition.

We need fuel to keep us going, but in a fast-paced world, we often turn to fast food and convenience items when we don’t have the time to cook.

Or, we may skip meals and then end up overeating at the end of the day, often with excess of foods that are not nutritious. While these habits may seem small, they can quickly become routine and may have a greater impact on health than you think.

Why Making Last Minute Decisions on Food Can Have Long-term Effects

When we don’t plan ahead, it becomes easy to stray from our healthy habits. Didn’t plan for breakfast this morning?

You may end up stopping by the box of donuts in the conference room brought in by a coworker. Or you could end up skipping breakfast altogether which could not only cause you to over eat later in the day but can also effect your work and productivity.

Forgot to pack a lunch?

Maybe you will order take-out or run to a fast-food restaurant to quickly grab something that you will likely not enjoy as much as if you had prepared it yourself. Also, fast food and take-out foods are often high in salt and saturated fats, which can negatively impact your health if chronically consumed in high amounts.

Good nutrition is essential to overall health and what you eat affects the way you feel.

Eating foods that are high in sugars, grease, and salt can leave you feeling sluggish and result in a crash, which can deeply impact your productivity and bottom line. Also, when consumed in high amounts on a regular basis, excess of these foods can have detrimental health effects and can lead to chronic diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

There is no doubt that our lives continue to become busier and we often put the needs of others before our own.

However, self-care is the first step to taking care of others and being successful in whatever you pursue. While time is often a limiting factor, a little planning and few tips can set you off on the right direction to have a successful week and help you to feel better.

Building healthy habits can lead to long-term success and the time you spend preparing will be recouped when you really need it.

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