Meet Resilient Latina Entrepreneur, Di Carter Part 1: Her Backstory [Video]

Di Carter chats with Latin Biz Today

Di Carter has overcome poverty, language barriers, culture issues and continues to thrive.

Editor’s note: This is part one of a two part video series. Part two entitled Inspirational Latina Di Carter Entrepreneur Part 2: Entrepreneurship & Values [Video] will be available soon.

In part one Latin Biz Today, partner & wellness lead, Johanna Godinez chats with entrepreneur Di Carter and captures her resilient backstory. A childhood in poverty and a mom that sacrificed. A journey  beginning in Brazil, to the U.S. midwest, London and back to the midwest learning and “paying her dues” to grow as a person and Latina business owner.

Bio: Di Carter is a 6- years veteran in the network Marketing industry, a pioneering leader, speaker and upcoming leader coach. She resides in Indiana and is happily married with twin girls. She was raised by a single mom and taught herself English at the age of 16. Di has developed a seven-figure sales team using a very simple system online that helps top leaders create massive results building teams. When Di isn’t building her businesses, she is serving on international mission trips or at home enjoying her small town living and volunteering as a sport coach.

Enjoy part 1 of this video series and the backstory of this inspirational Latina business owner.

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