Mindfulness to Market Share: How Conscious Businesspeople Contribute

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Entrepreneurs too focused on goals may not give value to the journey of  true learning and personal growth

The practice of taking 1 minute for self-reflection is a powerful tool to increase our daily awareness and experience life with greater consciousness. It is a deliberate journey towards human evolution in consciousness that requires intention, commitment, courage, and energy. This practice is timeless and applicable to modern life, as it helps us become our better selves regardless of our past wounds. In fact, it can help us grow because of them. The goal is to make this practice a habit and a new, loving way of living life.

In today’s world, it’s not just about profit margins and growth charts. Businesspeople who operate with a consciousness for the greater good are making a significant impact. From mindfulness practices to increased market share, they are contributing to the whole in a way that benefits everyone. Conscious business isn’t just about making money, it’s about making a positive impact and creating a sustainable future. By embracing this approach, businesspeople can thrive while also making a valuable contribution to society.

Several years ago, I had the privilege of graduating from the Executive Master of Business Administration program at the University of Notre Dame. It was an intense program that required me to wake up at 5:00 am to catch the train from Barrington, IL, to Chicago. After arriving, I would take a long and enjoyable walk from the train station to Michigan Ave. During the weekends, I was fully immersed in learning about finance, organizational behavior, business strategies and models, and more.

The program equipped me with the knowledge, wisdom, and vision to bring value to organizations or an entrepreneurial project. The professors were high-caliber individuals, not only because of their knowledge and expertise but also because of their passion and desire to contribute to our success. They were committed to making us better leaders and professionals, and I am grateful for their guidance.

However, while the program was one of the most comprehensive in the market, I realized that it had yet to teach me about mindfulness in business and how to consciously manage my emotions, which is an essential part of doing business as an entrepreneur or advancing professionally in an organization. I wanted to fill in the gaps, so I decided to pursue a doctoral degree, and for the next 6 years, I immersed myself in the research of these fields. As I advanced in the program, I soon realized that I needed to apply it to my daily life to enrich myself and contribute to society in a more authentic way.

The journey has been enriching and fulfilling.

Being disconnected as an entrepreneur

One of the main aspects of daily working life as an entrepreneur or professional is the disconnection from the present moment, which is one of the most prevalent gaps businesspeople have, and it affects how we perform and how organizations influence society and create wealth.

I always knew this intuitively, and after spending years researching and experiencing it, I have developed a toolbox based on emotional intelligence, mindfulness and neuroscience principles that has personally changed my life and it is also impacting the lives of others.

Since a young age, I have been driven to uncover the deeper meaning behind everything. I am naturally drawn to explore the depths of the human soul in all aspects of life. Mindfulness, which is all about being present in the moment, has become an essential part of my daily routine. Despite initial resistance from my lower self/ego, I persisted in my practice, and it has paid off immensely.

I have discovered that mindfulness and conscious management of emotions can bring a level of awareness that is truly transformative when doing business. When I intentionally focus my attention on a person or situation without judgment, I can experience the present moment in a way that I never could before.

This has helped me build stronger connections with others and has created a sense of authentic well-being. For over a decade, I have been researching, writing, and speaking about emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and neuroscience. I have witnessed the evolution of these fields and focus on practicing integrative principles that align with my inner vision.

Matured in my practice

Initially, integrating these principles into my daily life as an entrepreneur was challenging because my mindset was structured in doing rather than being. I was trying to implement what I had learned in an education system that mainly values tangible actions that our brains can process and appreciate rather than the wisdom that comes from integrating intuition and knowledge. However, as I matured in my practice.

I started to experience more spaciousness, which allowed me to be more patient, a better listener, and a more compassionate boss and peer.

Mindfulness has had a profound impact on my life, allowing me to become more authentic, patient, compassionate, effective, and creative – in ways I never thought possible. I have come to realize that we often wear masks because we fear showing our true selves and trying to fit in with societal norms. Unfortunately, the system in place does not always value authenticity and instead expects us to perform roles that align with the organization’s needs.

Entrepreneurs can become too focused on achieving their end goals and may not give sufficient value to the journey, which is where true learning and personal growth occur.

Practicing mindfulness is essential for developing a non-judgmental attitude towards ourselves and others. This attitude helps us evolve as Souls with a purpose to serve others. With regular practice, we can cultivate virtues like self-confidence, stress management, and achieving a healthy work-life balance. Mindfulness and conscious management of emotions are key to achieving these virtues. It is necessary to make mindfulness a part of our daily routine to experience its benefits.

The business world offers a universe of opportunities to grow in all aspects of life. Thanks to my daily practice in emotional intelligence and mindfulness meditation, I now see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am excited about the business world because I am acquiring what nurtures my soul as a businesswoman. I am empowered to be my authentic self in business and respond to work demands with empathy, compassion, and non-reactivity.

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