No Time, No Money, No Worries – Festive Holiday Fashion Tips for the Busy Latina

Latin Business Today, VP Tina Trevino modeling coat sporting fashion trends

Looking for inexpensive ways to “sleigh” the holiday season when it comes to putting together fun fashion looks?

The countdown to the holidays is here! If you’re anything like me, you are probably feeling a little stressed balancing a busy work day while wondering about how you’ll manage your endless holiday to-do list. Things like, how you’ll keep your kids busy for a whole week between Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s, getting your home decorated for the holidays, buying gifts for friends, family and that secret Santa swap you signed up for, browsing through recipes for new holiday cocktails and cookie ideas, counting how many holiday work parties, friend parties and family get togethers you need outfits for, and not breaking the bank while doing these things.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about my closet, it’s that I have a treasure trove of special pieces that I don’t wear on a day to day basis. So before you start to worry about spending even more money purchasing new clothing for the holidays, take a little time to go through your own closets and drawers. You may be surprised to find some treasures that haven’t gotten much use in your everyday routine because they are either too special or too flashy. Maybe you have items that you’re not exactly sure how or where you would wear them. I have so many vintage rhinestone brooches that can look very matronly worn in the standard fashion pinned on the yoke of your blouse. I like to give them a bit of an updated twist by using them in unusual ways. I love to use them to add a bit of sparkle on a knit cap or purse, or use them as a closure to a sweater cardigan. All of a sudden, they’re transformed into something more modern and also a fun conversation piece. These are the types of pieces that may be the perfect touch to finish off your holiday look.

The holiday season is definitely the time to have fun with fashion. You can feel free to make bold choices when it comes to color, shapes, prints, textures & shine! Anything goes during this time. I’ve been to holiday parties where I’ve seen guests dressed in sparkly gowns and heels while others are sporting their favorite ugly Christmas sweaters. Go ahead and choose novelty pieces that aren’t in regular rotation in your wardrobe. These can be anything from sequins, chunky cable and Fair isle sweaters, candy cane earrings or a bold red lip, Go for the gold – literally!

Another great way to save money is by holiday swapping with a few friends, your sister, possibly even a husband or partner. You just never know. Maybe your husband has an oversized red cable knit sweater that you just know would look spectacular with your black pleather leggings! Trust me, my friends and I have clothing and accessories that we borrow occasionally throughout the year. Taking advantage of this during the holidays makes a lot of sense if you’re looking for something a bit different and don’t want to splurge for a one time occasion outfit. If you wear the same size, wonderful, but it can be something that is a one size fits all, like a purse or piece of costume jewelry.

Here are 5 holiday tips for Latinas that you can shop within your own closet or find a fashion friend to holiday swap with.

1. Statement pieces can amp up a plain little black dress or a jeans and sweater outfit. They can be anything from a beautiful vintage bag, a chunky colorful scarf, metallic pumps, an oversized necklace, or a brooch. Whatever item you have that has been hiding in your closet waiting for its big day, now is the time to show it off. I’ve always been a collector of vintage pieces so for me, the holiday season is a great time to show these items off. From needlepoint pattern purses, beaded bags, locket necklaces, pearl strands, bake-lite bangle bracelets, fur cuffs and collars, the options are endless. I have some beautiful Swarovski crystal bracelets that my mom finally handed down to me that she used to wear when she was a teenager. They are definitely statement pieces and they shine best when they have a party to go to.

Latin Business Today, VP Tina Trevino showcasing accessories

As assortment of statement bags from my closet. They’re a mix of vintage, new, hand me downs, gifts and some that I’ve purchased on memorable shopping trips to Paris and Barcelona.

2. Fashion forward coats and vests can top off any winter outfit and serve double duty by keeping you warm! A fun plaid coat, a vibrant jewel tone color, a fur collar coat. A great coat completes the whole package. This season, anything in the world of puffer jackets and vests is also trending heavily!

Latin Business Today, VP Tina Trevino modeling coat sporting fashion trends

A few bold coat options from vibrant colors and patterns to fur treatments.


Latin Business Today, VP Tina Trevino modeling puffer vests

Puffer vests can provide a casual laid back look with chunky sweaters and leggings or create a chic look when paired with cashmere, sequins and fur accents.

3. Keep it colorful! Nothing says it’s the holidays like bright jewel tone colors. From the obvious choices like red and green, to fuchsia, purple, orange and yellow – whatever suits your mood. You can be bold and do a full head to toe look in pants and a blazer. A pop of color in a scarf and gloves paired with a sweater & leggings (or jeans) in core colors like winter white, black, camel and heather grey can also do the trick . One of my favorite color add-ins is a vibrant cashmere sweater simply paired with jeans. No longer perceived as an out of reach expensive item, you can find great quality options that are quite inexpensive these days. I’ve picked some up as doorbuster sale items during Black Friday/Cyber Monday at $39.95 and even full price at $50.00. (Side note – This also makes them great gifts for the sweater lover in your life.) I have them in literally every color under the rainbow. They’re what I like to think of as “elevated dressing sweatshirts” keeping me warm and cozy while at the same time feeling polished and pulled together. By accessorizing them with statement jewelry or a colorful chunky knit scarf, you’ve just upped your fashion quotient! Another great benefit of cashmere sweaters is how easily they can be packed. Their light weight means you can neatly roll or fold them and pack a few in a weekender bag. They will take up very little space so you’ll have extra room to pack your gifts.

Latin Business Today, VP Tina Trevino showcasing cashmere sweaters

Cashmere sweaters are so versatile. They create a cozy layer of warmth and are so compact that you can pack a few into a weekender bag.

4. Bling it on. If there was ever a time to pull out sequins, pearls, and metallic finishes, the holidays is it! My drawers and shelves are filled with beautiful vintage bags and glitzy shoes that don’t normally get to see the light of day. During the holiday season I rotate through them making sure they all get a special day out!

I also have a few sparkly sequin staple silhouettes like a newer champagne colored maxi skirt, a vintage white blazer, and a simple green shell from my days designing for the the iconic Brooke Shields. I love wearing this sequin shell layered under a black blazer. Silhouettes like these are timeless. You never have to think twice about making the look work. It’s a classic!

Latin Business Today, VP Tina Trevino spotlighting her fashion line accessories

During the holidays, too much is never enough. It’s the perfect time for over the top glamorous looks, beads, baubles, pearls and fur.

5. The LBD (little black dress) is a staple for any holiday party. A simple clean lined dress is a chameleon, shapeshifter. You can change the look with shoes either pairing it with strappy heels or knee high boots. A colorful blazer or patterned scarf can be thrown on top to change things up. A large statement necklace is another way to give it a new look. I have a black slip dress that can take me from a day in the office where I layer a chunky sweater over it and wear tights and boots. Then for a black tie event, it gets accessorized with a scarf or shawl and sparkly silver shoes. Lastly, don’t forget to accessorize with one of your special handbags.

Latin Business Today, VP Tina Trevino sporting her fashion line.

This wear to work slip dress look can easily be transformed into an evening look by swapping the chunky sweater and boots to a sparkly scarf and metallic heels.

So for all you Latina business owners as well as those in corporations, give it a try and have some fun shopping your closets. There’s probably a lot that you’ve been missing out on! Enjoy the holidays with your new looks and let us know what fun outfits you pull together this season.

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