Organization Is More Than a Process It’s Vital to Small Business

4 Processes for optimal organization 


Organization is not a process or plan but an efficient method to facilitate a process or plan. 

Companies strive to maximize cash flow.  Since time is money, (or cash flow) then being organized will enhance the processes that facilitate cash flow by minimizing loss of time.  

It is very important to note that organization is not a process or plan but an efficient method to facilitate a process or plan. 

Many businesses or business owners equate organization to having a clean desk or work space that is visually appealing to the eye and not cluttered. While that in many cases is a key part of being organized, it goes beyond that.

There are several key steps that can be taken to establish organization within a business:

The first is to establish central files, areas or databases that employees have access to and are clearly defined.   It could be as simple as having marketing or sales literature in a designated area. 

Database access should be clearly defined for certain processes. 

An example is the process of setting up a new customer or vendor by filling out the required forms or paperwork. In an organized business, the responsible employees would be aware of the database location for the paperwork or forms.  

A law firm was able to improve their firm communication and branding by having their firm publication in their reception areas. This was the only publication in the two reception areas and enabled visitors to obtain a better understanding of the law firm.  

The publication was neatly organized and presented in the reception areas.  The receptionists knew where the publications were kept for replacement. 

Label files and areas.             

Label files and areas.  A more organized system is one where one knows what is contained in a file or area. Time is wasted and it is a source of stress having to go through a file.

Consider consolidating files by subject matter, customer or activity. 

An example of this step is marketing, paying vendors or email correspondence.    

Activities or tasks that are to be completed are much better organized on a viewable central list.  The   “to do” list can reference the file where the related paperwork is kept. The advantage of a list as opposed to an organized system within a desk is that the list is portable.  Less is more. 

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