Perseverance and How Limiting Beliefs Will Limit Potential



2. Be careful what you tell yourself…you could be listening.

Self-talk awareness is critical to your self-esteem, which in turn will drive your actions.  If you don’t think you can do something, why should anyone else think differently?  Becoming aware of when you do this type of talk is key to making changes.  When you catch yourself being negative, don’t beat yourself up, simply replace the story your telling yourself and move on.  Retrain your brain.

3. Just start and the pressure lessens

Like everything in life, the first step of anything is the most difficult.  Doing the headstand opened my mind into believing that I could do so many other things that my potential seems unlimited now!  Baby steps are critical, they are all building blocks to getting you to the next step.  Don’t underestimate your accomplishments…big and small.

4.  Don’t overthink things

Overthinking is a sign of wanting some kind of guarantee or assurance of an outcome.  Stop doing it and just let it be.  When I was doing my headstand, I actually found myself saying not to overthink it.  I stopped thinking about the technique and just allowed myself to move and flow.  Trusting ourselves more is critical to personal growth. In my case, I knew I had done things for years and just figured I would remember again.

The beauty in all of it, is that I did and so will you!

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