Preparing Hispanic Students for the Future of America

The facts are clear: The rate of educated Hispanics is increasing. Within the past ten years, the number of Hispanics who have at least a bachelor’s degree has gone from 2.1 million to 3.8 million. Such information has been investigated by several reliable sources: The Pew Hispanic Center, Excelencia in Education, and The Institute for Higher Education Policy. The Pew Hispanic Center has additionally shown that the number of young Hispanic students increased 24 percent in one year alone. Any Hispanic news outlet will tell you that this is an important statistic.

Excelencia in Education’s research report entitled “Finding Your Workforce” is balanced, containing both negatives and positives findings. They say that of all the present young Hispanics, only 13 percent have earned a four year degree. They add that although Hispanics are the fastest-increasing educational group in the nation, they remain far behind other racial groups in the educational arena. They do, however, freely admit that demographic trends indicate that Hispanics will dominate a good portion of the country’s future workforce.

Additionally, the Institute for Higher Education Policy has shown that the future success of this country’s economy rests upon our investing in the education of Hispanic students. Like Excelencia in Education, they note that educated minorities will play a crucial role in the U.S. taking the lead in tomorrow’s business world.

It is apparent that if the Hispanic education world is to continue growing, we must be proactive. We must ensure that all Hispanic students are prepared to enter the rigors of the college world. This means that it is increasingly necessary to provide them with supplemental instruction for preparation. More and more higher education institutions are seeing the need of holding structured, peer-led study groups for this very reason. This is just one of the several methods which will enable Hispanics to succeed in the future educational and business world of America.


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