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Carlos H. Lowenberg, Jr.

New York Life Insurance Company has named Carlos H. Lowenberg, Jr., ChFC, its 2006 council president, an honor bestowed annually on the agent with the company’s highest sales and service achievements. He is the first Hispanic to receive this mark of distinction. Mr. Lowenberg will serve his term as council president from July 2006 through June 2007. Based in Austin, Texas, he is the top agent among the company’s elite sales force, a group comprised of more than 10,000 licensed New York Life agents. Mr. Lowenberg specializes in wealth management for business owners.

Mr. Lowenberg’s firm, Lowenberg Wealth Management Group, Inc. in Austin, Texas, is a boutique financial services firm that serves entrepreneurial-minded individuals. The Lowenberg Group, operated in addition to Mr. Lowenberg’s New York Life business, is an independent registered investment advisory firm. Mr. Lowenberg also has extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience in all aspects of family wealth counseling, charitable estate planning, and wealth transfer planning.

“I am pleased to be recognized by New York Life for bringing effective, strategic financial planning to business owners and their families. I have built my career on listening to client needs and expanding my expertise to meet these often-complex needs. New York Life has a high quality group of estate planning experts that assist me in providing the very best counsel to my clients,” says Mr. Lowenberg.


Juan M. Maya

Urban Marketing Corporation of America (UMCA) has appointed Juan M. Maya president of their Latino division. Mr. Maya is responsible for running the division, overseeing all aspects of Latino marketing campaigns executed on behalf of UMCA clients, and developing new partnerships. Mr. Maya’s first responsibilities included launching a U.S. Latina second-generation grassroots program for SOAPnet and identifying partners for Nickelodeon’s Go Diego Go! 2007 Live Tour. Previously, Mr. Maya was instrumental in creating Hispanic grassroots marketing strategies for Major League Soccer, the Golden State Warriors, and the San Francisco Giants. In addition, Mr. Maya has worked closely with lifestyle brands such as Macy’s, Jose Cuervo, Smirnoff Ice, and Comcast, and was a critical component of the development of each company’s multicultural goals and initiatives. “In joining UMCA, I saw a golden opportunity to work with the pioneers and torch bearers of urban marketing. My Hispanic marketing experience and resources, paired with UMCA’s intelligence, integrity, and vision will allow us to provide clients a fully comprehensive and direct connection to this vital market,” says Mr. Maya.

“In addition to his expertise within the U.S., Mr. Maya’s strategic partnerships with the top independent urban marketing agencies in Mexico City uniquely allows for our clients to always have accurate and timely intelligence about “what’s next” in the streets of Mexico months before the trends spill over into some of the major Hispanic markets here,” says Carl Rouché Washington, UMCA president.


Dr. Richard Izquierdo

Dr. Richard Izquierdo was awarded the Surgeon General’s Medallion by the 17th U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Richard Carmona on January  23. This medallion is the highest honor granted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Dr. Izquierdo received it for his outstanding work as a physician and scientist. Dr. Izquierdo was Dr. Carmona’s pediatrician in the Bronx, and has been his mentor since childhood. Before leaving office as the Surgeon General, Dr. Carmona came to the decision that Dr. Izquierdo’s contributions to the nation, and particularly to the Latin community, qualified him for the Surgeon General’s Medallion.

Dr. Izquierdo has spent more than three decades serving low-income communities in the Bronx, especially the Hispanic community. Over thirty years ago, he created Urban Health Plan, a foundation whose mission was to render free or low-cost health services to patients in need.

Born in 1929 to Puerto Rican parents in East Harlem, Dr. Izquierdo graduated from Lausanne Medical School in Switzerland, and has been as much a social activist as a physician. His work has led to collaborations with many institutions, including the New York City Community Planning Board. In 1967, he built his first clinic, the San Juan Health Center, and in 1974 he founded the Urban Health Plan. Many Urban Health Plan bilingual health centers operate in the Bronx area, such as El Nuevo San Juan, the Bella Vista, and the Plaza del Castillo Health Centers, where patients can receive anything from medical attention for the whole family to prenatal care and even dental care.



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