Retargeting: a Second (Third, Fourth…) Shot at Your Target Market



Can You Do Retargeting Yourself? 

Retargeting with personalized, visual ads is difficult if you don’t have the right technology and if you’re not a marketing expert. Hiring a company that specializes in retargeting is beneficial because there is a built-in team of industry experts to advise you every step of the way. Rather than figuring out how this whole process works on your own, these companies have systems and technology in place so you can create and implement your retargeting campaign very quickly. These industry experts can also analyze your campaign data to determine if your strategy is working effectively and meeting your goals.

However, when interviewing potential retargeting companies who want your business, it’s always worth asking if there are ways to self-manage your campaigns., for instance, offers a self-service option where clients can create campaigns, make changes and see the tracking results on a more modest budget.

Top 3 Reputable Retargeting Companies

While it’s difficult to say for sure who the market leader is, AdrollRetargeter and Chango are all very well-known and have been in business since 2008. Each company offers different services and different pricing structures, so do your due diligence carefully before investing with any provider. Look for case studies on their sites along with client testimonials. Talk to a sales rep and be upfront about your needs so they can structure a plan that’s just right for your company and its needs.

Retargeting is a promising option if you really want to win back potential customers and shop and droppers who leave your site prior to making a purchase. Personalized retargeting ads are proven to be most effective and are less intrusive than traditional email marketing.

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