Selling is About 8 Simple Steps and Discipline

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To Achieve sales success, incorporate these simple selling techniques and your business will grow a minimum of 15%… Guaranteed!

Sound like a sales pitch? It does…but selling like any other business discipline or in life itself, requires skills techniques, strategies, dedicated focus to be successful.

If you haven’t routinely incorporated and executed each of the eight core selling steps I will be sharing, you have an opportunity to grow your business by 15% or more.

Here are the four key areas of the selling cycle focus on: 

  1. How to Find customers
  2. Sell
  3. Close
  4. Keep More Customers

This is part one of a four-part series on the selling cycle which collectively will include the 8 major steps:

Let’s kick off with step 1 of 8: How to Find More Customers

STEP 1 Prospecting (The top 5% of all salespeople in the world are good at this)

This is probably one of the most difficult steps as most people are not willing to endure the rejection of speaking to people who might say NO when determining if they are interested in what you sell. Some sales people have the mentality of, Just bring me more customers and we will close the deals.

In the Digital Age most businesses strive to increase their web presence by developing a website, upping their social media usage, blogging, etc. The hope is that someone will call, place an order, or walk through their door. While this does work to some extent, you need to be sure you are reaching the right people.

Who is the best group of people you can prospect with? (The best way to reach the right people)

The best way to prospect is within 3 niches or verticals. The rules in choosing these verticals are based on 3 things – you ought to have something in common with each niche, they should have a need for what you sell, and they must financially qualify for what you sell.

Based on our work in 35 nations we have determined that the best place to prospect is with your existing customer base. Most companies, managers, and individuals are spending nearly all their time chasing down new prospects, while most of their business is coming from their loyal customers.

Consequently, the first place to prospect is with the customers you are already doing business with. You have something in common with them, they have a need, and they have already proven their financial capacity. This step is key in growing your business.

How do you turn existing customers into more business? 

How you turn these customers into more business requires some detailed undertakings and planning, but at a minimum, stay in touch. When they are ready to buy again, you should be their first choice as well as the first place they would refer friends, family, and coworkers to.

Now you’ve had a glimpse of the first step in our 8-step series. These articles draw from trainings that have repeatedly and consistently produced results in multiple languages and in markets across the Americas.

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