Small Business Desk Yoga…Are you for real?

small business yoga

Sitting at a desk at work or home office can impede productivity desk yoga can help


We have all found ourselves sitting at a desk at work or home office for an extended period of time wanting to stretch our legs only to find our necks and shoulders stiff and feeling cramped and tight.  We tell ourselves a massage is well over due and promise to take better care of ourselves “next time”.

We think that a “spa day” will some how cure our tight muscles and put us back together so that when we’re at work we’re ready to take on the world.  Well, the truth is that just a few yoga poses added to our daily routine can make a huge difference to how we feel every day.  Now, I am not talking about adding another hour to your already busy schedule…although that would be fabulous.

Josi Gago small business desk yogaAs a certified Yoga Instructor, I am always pleased to hear about those trying out yoga for the first time and building a yoga practice into their lives always brings a smile to my face.

I have found it to be very beneficial in my life, with business productivity and love my own practice.  The “built-in” practice I am referring to is about a few stretches and some simple breathing you do during the course of your day to bring attention to your body and breath.

It’s that moment when you are forced to “stop and be present” in the middle of life.  Our days can be so crazy and life becomes so hectic we truly forget how important own breathing is to our health.  So here’s a list of just a few reminders to keep you grounded, centered, and breathing during those not so pleasant moments in your day.

Mountain Pose known as Stand & Stretch

Standing and stretching may seem so simple, yet we fail to do enough of it every day.  Even if you feel uncomfortable doing it in front of co-workers or you need to go into a bathroom stall, get it done.  Even taking the lead and creating a movement with several co-workers could really be fun for all!

Stand with arms by our side and palms facing your body, take an inhale and extend your arms above your head, palms facing each other and legs slightly apart with the feet facing forward. With fingers separated and stretched out, take a deep inhale through the nose and release the exhale out through the mouth.  Keep the arms over your head and eyes closed.

Visualize a white light with every inhale and release negative thoughts with every exhale.  As you do this, be mindful to relax the shoulders away from the ears.  Repeat the breathing 3-5 times and do your best to keep your eyes closed or slightly closed.

Uttanasana known as Forward Bend

The Forward Bend is great for generating energy, calming the mind, and helps with menopause. This is especially useful during those afternoon sluggish times when a nap is what you’d rather do but curling up on or under your desk would not go over very well with the bosses.

Stand with legs slightly apart and knees should have a slight bend. With your hands placed at your hips, begin to hinge yourself forward while maintaining your back in a flat position.  The key here is not about locking your knees in place as much as it is about keeping your back flat as you hinge yourself forward.  Once you bring yourself forward into your comfortable place, allow your head to drop along with your arms and hands down to the ground.  Let your head drop and really feel your body swing forward.  This Forward Bend may seem very simple, but the forward movement is very powerful as your blood rushes to your head.

Take 3-5 breaths in this pose and slowly bring yourself back to a standing position.  Bring yourself back up slowly and enjoy the rest of your afternoon!  This pose can be just as great as a shot of Cuban coffee in the afternoon to get you through the rest of your day!

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