Small Business Verification For Prospective Hires

Capture Information Through The Social Security Administration On New Candidates

Wage & employer history
Every small business owner should be aware that Social Security Administration launched My Social Security Account.

This personalized online account serves to documents work and wage history from the first employer to the present and even Social Security benefits.

Why was My Social Security Account created? It was created for anyone who may require applicants to provide proof of their income, Social Security beneficiaries and SSI recipients. There is a dedicated website to view, print or save an official benefit verification letter instantly and avoiding the need to visit a Social Security office for the above services.
The benefit verification letter serves as proof of:
• Income to secure loans
• Mortgages and other housing
• State or local benefits

Additionally, this letter will provide verification of Medicare health insurance, the start date of coverage, withholding amount, retirement or disability status, and age.

Step-by-step instructions on securing a benefit verification letter and as well as following fact sheets listed below are available online:

• How to Create an Online Account (SSA Pub #05-10540; ICN 459261)
• What You Can Do Online (SSA Pub #05-10121; ICN 444812)
• The Fastest Way to Verify Social Security and SSI Benefits (SSA Pub No 05-10552, ICN 463256).

Additionally, you can order a supply of these materials directly by writing to:

Social Security Administration – Office of Supply and Warehouse Management
Attn: Requisition and Quality Control Team
239 Supply Building
6301 Security Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21235
Calling the Social Security main office: (410) 965-2039
Send a fax to Social Security: (410) 965-2037,
Send an email to

Please remember that when requesting materials, you must include the name of the publication, publication number and ICN.

This information is also available in Spanish: Click here for pdf.

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Richard Torres E.A. has over 30 years of experience in IRS collections, examinations and communication outreach departments. As President of TNT Business Tax Consultant he provides technical tax advice, represents, and prepares tax returns for individuals and entities with tax-reporting requirements. He provided training and seminars to tax professionals and small businesses on tax law updates/changes. Richard is an Honorary Member of the Dutchess Regional Chamber of Commerce, a member of the NYSSBDC for Latino Entrepreneurs Advisory Board, and recipient of the Hispanic Internal Revenue Service Regional V.P. Service Award, 2011 NYSSBDC Federal Enforcement & Compliance Award, and 2011 US Department of the Treasury Albert Gallatin Award. Richard holds a Bachelors of Business from SUNY New Paltz.