Social Media & Business Etiquette- Eight Rules

Social Media Business Etiquette

The 8 simple rules to follow when tackling your company’s social media.

In most of today’s small business, we usually have the business owner wear multiple hats inside the company.

Many of these entrepreneurs run errands, do deliveries, pick up mail, sell, buy – they simply try to do it all! Including running the social media accounts for their business. Today business owners find themselves looking out not only for their own Facebook or Instagram accounts, but also that of their business as well. Let’s not even talk about that crash course to learn Word Press to handle the often updates needed for their website.

Often times we see the lines between personal accounts and business become a somewhat blurred line, where we forget where one starts and the other end.

This is why I would like to remind entrepreneurs of 8 simple rules that will allow your social media business accounts to seem more like a fortune 500 company than that of your next-door neighbor.

Here are the 8 simple rules:

1. Think Before You Post:

This cannot be truer, please read and re-read everything before you post it.

Read it to yourself and out loud to ensure that the message you are trying to convey makes sense, that there is logic to what you are about to put out there to the world. That the message is relevant to your mission and that it is what I call “Kid friendly”, meaning and appropriate.

2. Respond To Comments Fast:

If you have created that social media account, expect people to react and ask questions or simply comments.

Reciprocate, kindly respond to ALL comments good or bad. Learn how to use your voice online and respond with gratitude, people have taken the time to write and expect an answer or at least an acknowledgement.

3. Don’t Insult Your Competition:

Never insult your competition online, you are only inviting your customers to check out the competition.

The last thing you need in your digital marketing is to draw attention to your competitor’s social media. Focus on what you have to offer and sell it with its own benefits.

4. Ensure You Are Posting Is “Share friendly”:

Many times, we realize that after posting that image or blog, the post is not sharable.

The worst part is that we only come to find out about this a couple of days later when we see in the comments that a costumer mentions something about it. This translates as missed opportunity to our followers to have spread the word on a sale, a new item or event being promoted.

It is crucial that every time we post on any social media platform, that we ensure every post is sharable.

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