The Golden Globes Best Dressed Ladies

Hello Fashionistas,

What’s better than sitting in front of the TV with some popcorn and champagne and taking in some newsworthy fashion! It’s the evening of the Golden Globes and that’s exactly what I’m doing!

Let’s take a look at some of the fashion that was captured on the red carpet cameras!

Some of my favorite looks incorporated nude/champagne fabrics with stunning beadwork overlays. Very demure and sweet looks.

Greer Grammer


Anna Kendrick 

Another popular look were pants getting the black tie treatment! I kind of liked this look although I wouldn’t miss any opportunity to wear a ball gown to an event!

Emma Stone



Then we have the bombshell throwback look–always in style on the red carpet!

Katherine Heigl in a gorgeous rich navy body hugging mermaid style gown


Jessica Chastain in an almost “Jessica Rabbit” pleated metallic dress

Rich red is a favorite among the leading ladies too. A little touch of embellishment makes them even more standout!

Helen Mirren 


Viola Davis

And one stand-out lady that always knows how to look amazing….loving the white with white accessories and just a bit of gunmetal silver to accent.

Salma Hayek

And now, I just can’t ignore a couple of outfits that absolutely missed the mark. I’m not sure what these ladies were thinking…


Keira Knightly–what were you thinking. It’s not a good color. It’s not flattering. It doesn’t have one redeeming quality.


And J.Lo–It seems a bit over the top. You look like a super-hero. It’s not a concert.  Granted, you look great, but it seems like you are in a time warp and can’t find your way out.

Oh what a night for fashion! The bubbly is finished and it’s a school night. I have to get my wardrobe picked out for tomorrow and I’m excited to incorporate some of these looks ASAP!