The New Work Force





A New Reality

I did freelance and contract work for years, and owned my own successful company. But after I got my MBA I felt I needed to go back into the corporate world after a two-year hiatus. What I found is a completely new reality. Gone are the days where there is a clearly defined career path. There is lots of “franger” (fear and anger) out there, and insecurity is dominant in many companies. This creates a less-than-conducive environment to produce great work, and a great work environment is something I cherish greatly. I would love to work in a fun office environment with exceptionally talented people, like the one depicted in the new Microsoft Surface Pro Commercial, or collaborate with Tim Burton on the convergence of technology and entertainment, as depicted in “Unicorn Apocalypse,” the new Samsung Galaxy commercial. I guess my big question now is: Do those kinds of companies really exist outside of Silicon Valley, or is it time for me to be a Latina entrepreneur and create one?

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Maria Botta is a creative consultant, working primarily with clients to create relevant and engaging online video content. The daughter of Cuban exiles, she was born in the U.S. and raised in Europe and the Caribbean. She holds an EMBA in global management from Thunderbird’s prestigious European program in Geneva, Switzerland, and an art history degree from Mt. Holyoke College. Her professional experience extends into all genres of production and marketing. She has produced hundreds of TV commercials, promos, short films and television shows, and has worked in advertising, network TV, marketing and the entertainment industries.