Cuban People Offer Hope for a Better Tomorrow

U.S. and Cuba’s strained relations are taking a toll on citizens from both countries

Editor’s note: This article concludes a three-part series.

In part one of this series, which I wrote before I travelled to my parents’ native Cuba, I explained what I hoped to learn from my visit. In part two, written after I returned, I explored Hispanic capitalism and propaganda. In this final article, I explore the people of Cuba, as they give me hope for a better tomorrow.

During my trip I was continually reminded that the U.S. and Cuba are more alike than not. The Cuban people want stability and prosperity, just like we do. Both countries are living through turbulent times and the general population has suffered. The opinions on how to shape the future are varied. The people will let you know what they think and opinions are varied.

Older CubanI met older people, who had been part of the Castro Revolution and still believe the struggle was worth it. Others of the same generation felt it was all for nothing and they find themselves broke as they enter twilight years. They spoke of the regime with disgust and despair. Younger people seemed to fall in two camps – those who want a slow and gradual change and are working towards it, understanding that the Cuban government must make gradual moves towards capitalism and those who see the grass is greener in Miami and other parts of the U.S. and want out. They feel they have no future to offer their children.