The Power of Music [Music Video]

Towards the Sun – Rich Tozzoli & Romero

Having worked together for over 20 years on projects ranging from live world tours to music for the NBC Olympics and a variety of other TV shows, Rich Tozzoli and Hernan Romero combine their diverse talents and let two guitars do the talking. Considering the current climate, they initially started the process with back and forth phone calls recording their ideas in the Voice Memo app of their phones to share with each other and formulating a solid foundation for the piece. Rich recorded his part in his home studio, and sent Romero the track. Romero followed suit by recording his part in his home studio. From there, he uploaded his track to Rich where he produced it on his computer and mixed the final piece.

Designer Elaine Ashburn offered to do some graphics, and the result was this piece. The fact that the world’s largest instrument manufacturer Yamaha has asked Rich to write about the collaboration for their successful online blog is just another part of the success to this collaboration.

With that in mind, they are continuing to write more pieces together to do what they can to help heal – using the POWER OF MUSIC