The Testosterone Edition


Hi Fashionistas!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!! It was nice to relax, recharge and spend some great quality time with family and friends! Since I had the chance to see so many of my friends in person over the weekend, I received many compliments, comments and critiques of the blog which I always appreciate so I can improve my story telling.

I was quite surprised that many of my male friends are actively following the blog! I know it skews pretty heavily into all things fashion and the guys might not readily admit that they enjoy reading it, but that’s OK–at least I know there is a secret cult following of men reading this thing! Their one biggest critique was that I continuously refer to my followers as Fashionistas–kind of girly for them, but I’m going to have to stick by my guns on that. It doesn’t mean I’m not going to modify some of my content so that everyone can enjoy–but guys–you’re going to have to live with that for now. And anyway–I already know that most of you do care about what you wear so just go with the moniker for now!! It’s going to apply to you at some point when we start to talk about men’s clothing. Oh yes–it will happen!

BUT—today I have decided to post a very “manly” content blog!! We are going to talk about manly food, manly music, and manly ATV riding (ladies–you’ll dig it too!).

Friday Night Weekend Kickstart–

So while the girls are making very “girly” wine slushies and I am enjoying my anniversary bouquet of roses from Dave, Adam is working some German style dinner….


Min working the slushy machine


This is a Peach Bellini wine slushy mix that I picked up from my trip back to Ohio wine country a few weeks ago (check that blog out too).

We are digging on these cool wine slushies while there are still a few hot summer days to enjoy ’em…


Thumbs up (not opposable though) from the house diva, Miss Scarlet.


This is a mix of the Peach Bellini (white wine) with the Blueberry Pomegranate (red wine)


My lovely bouquet of anniversary flowers from hubby! It’s actually been 22 years from the first day we met!! Insane to even think about. I love you sweetie!
OK…the girly portion of this blog is officially OVER!!!
Adam is preparing Knockwurst, Bratwurst, and Weisswurst for us


Busy in the kitchen…
Adam coats one of the wursts in a light dusting of oil and flour and then sizzles them up. It creates a nice crispy coating on the surface of the sausage–good stuff!


Dinner is from one of the best purveyors of cured meats in the tri-state area: Schaller & Weber!!


The best accoutrements for sausage–horseradish mustard, potato salad, and some sauerkraut!


Dessert time!!


Sinfully delicious cupcakes!!

Saturday Summer Concert Series

Dave and I are off on our next stop for the holiday weekend. We are headed down to Holmdel, NJ late Saturday afternoon to visit more friends and make the much anticipated final tour show of Motley Crüe!

As a side note–our past 2 weekends have been concert mode. Last weekend we were in San Francisco enjoying some Soundgarden and NIN.

Dave and Trixie enjoying some sun before the show starts at the Shoreline Amphitheater right outside of San Francisco


Trixie, Matt, Dave, Beth, and Keith.
Hey guys…lawn chairs-check, beer–check! All good to go


Very excited for the show to start!


Gotta love the crowd. And guys–I would call him a Fashionista–he definitely is rocking some metal style!


It has been so long since I’ve been to an outdoor concert venue. Things have changed!! You can actually get a wine carafe!! How awesome is that!


Who’s your new friend now! Carafes of wine can actually be quite manly when you boys are finished with your cocktail/beer and you realize your fashionista friend was smart enough to buy a LARGE carafe and share with you so you don’t have to miss out on good concert music by running to a bar for a refill!!
Wine anyone?
Soundgarden rocked the house!
Click the link below for some live footage of Spoonman!
And a few more fun clips for you metal heads!!
Black Rain:

Back to Holmdel, NJ….

Arriving at our friends around 5PM Saturday, we are getting our groove on and psyched to enjoy a rock & roll evening! This “young” group grew up on ’80’s rock and we will not deny it!!


These are some fired up friends!!
Me, Dave K, hubby and Mike N.


Mike told me there’s no way I’d be able to find a place with wine carafes at the PNC. He sometimes forgets who he’s dealing with here….
Look–it’s like magic. Here it is AGAIN and in the guise of a guitar!!!


Serving ’em up


Opening act is Alice Cooper!
I have never seen a show of his, but having seen this one–you gotta love the man!


Nothing like a sharp guillotine blade for a concert beheading!!


“School’s Out for Summer”
He is so patriotic for the weekend!
The ultimate showman. I could either be at a concert or a macabre Broadway show.



A lot of fire!!!
We have great seats but really we’re not that close and my eyebrows are singed! I think the PNC just exploded!


Nikki sharing the story of how the Crüe got together back in the day


Rock music isn’t the same without fire and girls!!
They really like their fire! 


Partying with Dave & Mary!!


Back at the Ranch:

So we make it back to the house after some ear blistering music and if you think the evening is over–wrong–we are just getting started! We have a birthday boy turning the big “18” and the guitars are out in action!!


Always a fun evening with the next generation getting in on the playing and singing!
Bobby doing some slick guitar work and Ashley with sweet vocals!
Happy Birthday Bobby!

Onward & Upwards–More fun for Sunday!!

We are all tired when we wake up Sunday. It was a long evening of fun, but our hosts are already fired up to celebrate the day!! It’s beautifully sunny and hot. The pool is calling our name. The champagne is popping—when you include the guest roster, we have all the elements of a great party!


Who can argue going back home when this is your view!


The kids enjoying some pool fun!


Sunset ATV’s–
And just when you think your day has been pretty active and you couldn’t possibly squeeze anything more in…who wants to ride ATV’s???
Plenty of space out here to run around with some power!!


Will has brought his own bike!
I like to refer to him as “The Stig”!!


Is this 2-way traffic??


Paige and Lara enjoying the ride


Dave and I are gonna go from zero to insane speed in the blink of an eye!

OMG–we are exhausted from our fun weekend!

Our friends are insane and we always say we should see each other more often. I love them all to pieces, and I’m not sure if my body could physically take more of my friends on a more regular basis. I feel like my body needs to physically be restored to it’s pre-party levels. You have to go into weekends like this fully prepared and knowing what craziness your friends will have you involved with!!

It’s going to make the work week look like a piece of cake!!!

Have a great week everyone!!!


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