Translating “Coca-Cola”

A conversation with Reinaldo Padua

One of the early adopters of marketing to U.S. Hispanics, Coca-Cola has evolved its marketing strategy and media mix as Latinos’ interests, passion points and media consumption habits have diversified and matured.

For the most part, new campaigns from the soft drink giant have run hand-in-hand with high-profile events and artists commanding Hispanics’ attention. Over the last six years, efforts have focused heavily on soccer, tying into the 2010 World Cup and other tournaments.

“Among Hispanics, fútbol is very important,” says Reinaldo Padua, assistant vice president  of Hispanic marketing at Coca-Cola. “We had World Cup last year and this year we have Gold Cup and Copa América, all are great opportunities for our brands to provide relief through entertainment and hydration.”

Coca-Cola’s latest Latino-focused campaign launched in early June as CONCACAF Gold Cup action got underway. “Buscando Coca-Cola” debuted on Univision during the opening game of the 2011 tournament.

In the spot, a man desperately ties to buy Coke before the first kick of a soccer match but efforts are continually defeated by his neighbor, who takes the last Coke from each store. The neighbor ultimately decides to share his six-pack of Coca-Cola and, touched by the generosity, the man invites the neighbor to a party in his home where everyone is drinking a Coke.

Looking to build excitement for various soccer tournaments this season, the “Buscando Coca-Cola” television spots are airing on Univision and TeleFutura throughout the summer alongside a radio campaign. Extending into the digital arena, fans can watch the commercial on the Plaza Coca-Cola YouTube channel,

The campaign, notes Padua, puts consumers’ needs – from hydration to refreshment and on to player interaction – in the forefront, a strategy that Coca-Cola keeps top of mind when branding and marketing its different products.


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