Trending Rainbow Brights are Going to Make Spring 2018 Look Fun!

I’m giving you fashion lovers the inside scoop—and it’s looking a bit like a bubble gum ice cream sundae scoop!!



Tina polishing up her draping skills on a new rainbow plaid dress design in the KBL Group Intl. Sample Room

I’m always on the lookout for the newest emerging fashion trends and the forecast is all about whimsical, candy inspired rainbow plaids, stripes, polka dots and prints—they look fresh, fun, optimistic, happy and who doesn’t need a llttle bit of that in their life?


Rainbow Plaids and Stripes for Spring 2018

Fun candy bright shirting fabrics include gingham, awning stripes, and plaids


The Prettiest of Candy Colors in Mini Prints

The prettiest of candy colors in mini prints


Rainbow Inspiration

Candy brights look gorgeous against crisp spring whites and the beautiful blue of of the sea. 


This is one fashion trend that is going to be so dramatic on it’s own–it only needs the simplest of accessories….straw hats and bags are easy neutrals that don’t compete with our vibrant rainbow colors. It’s also great to choose solid accessories that pull out the colors of your specific rainbow pattern for shoes and bracelets. 

If you want to double down on your rainbows, you can find an accessory that also has a bit of rainbow inspiration in it as well–just don’t overdo it.


Accessorizing Rainbow Patterns

Some of the best ways to accessorize your rainbow!


Personally, I can’t wait for Spring 2018 to wear my rainbows–that’s too far away for this fashionista…we still have the summer days of August to pull it off before everyone finds out about the hottest trend for next spring!

Rainbow Ready

Rainbow Ready!


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