Versatile Vehicles for Businesses

Seven 2012 auto options for your business


Hispanic-owned small and medium businesses looking to buy or lease a new vehicle will find a full slate of full-featured 2012 models ranging from sporty to luxury. Here’s a sampling.

2012 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

A bigger ride for bigger jobs, the 2012 Range Rover Sport is built with a ZF 8 speed automatic gearbox featuring a rotary gearshift selector. Not everybody likes an automatic ride, but if you do or if you’re flexible on that point, the four-door Range Rover has the size to comfortably transport a crew plus materials. This is one of the most fuel efficient and powerful SUVs on the market. See the specs.





2012 Lexus RX

If you’re looking for luxury, the Lexus RX provides it in spades. That having been said, it’s much more of a people transporter than a building material transporter. Somebody like, say, a Hispanic business owner who wants to provide jobs to their community can get their crew around in style with the Lexus RX, and the luxury interior adds a little bit of a wow factor for real estate agents and other professionals who need to make a good impression on clients. See the specs.

2012 Nissan Roadster Tour

If you’re lucky enough to work somewhere cool enough to give you a Nissan Roadster Tour as your company car, you’re probably not likely to ever look elsewhere for a better gig. The convertible Roadster features a 332-horsepower engine, iridium tipped spark plugs and vehicle-speed-sensitive power steering. You often see Hispanic leaders of the business community driving cars like these as a sign of success. See the specs.