What Does Sustainability Have to Do with Emotions?

Weeks ago, I enjoyed participating in a round table with three outstanding entrepreneurs.

Our different backgrounds contributed to a rich conversation about sustainability and what it means to us, our business, and the world. Since I specialize in emotional intelligence and sustain a daily practice of meditation, tapping, yoga, and self-reflection, I wanted to bring my perspective to exploring the topic. 

From my perspective about our inner world: mind, emotions, feelings, and thoughts, sustainability has to do with our ability to be aware of how our mindset affects our environment. A powerful question to ask ourselves is, what are the tendencies of my mind in general and specifically regarding taking the steps needed to avoid negatively impacting our world. Our minds, emotions, feelings, and thoughts give meaning to our life experiences. It would be helpful to know that the subconscious mind, which occupies 95% of the mind and influences us 95% of the time, holds programs: habits, patterns, and beliefs about many different aspects of our life and the world.

According to modern neuroscience, the mind, emotions, feelings, and thoughts are energy.

For example, emotions, as the word indicates, are energy in motion, chemicals generated in our body and brain that affect our organs and systems, including our cognition. Emotions are contagious and magnetic. Thoughts are energies that inform us and create an electromagnetic field along with emotions, becoming a magnet for experiences and people who resonate at our vibrational level. Thoughts hold the electric charge, and emotions magnetize that which resonates with our inner vibration level; this means with the frequencies we carry in our body which is considered the subconscious mind.

Each one of us is part of the collective mind.

We feed that mind with our thoughts, emotions, and actions. If we ask ourselves how our emotions affect our environment and connect the dots, we can see the impact of these energies on our environment. Wouldn’t it be a conscious and loving act to ourselves, our loved ones, and the world to take care of these emotions, feelings, thoughts, and mindsets as we do with our material stuff so we can positively impact the planet?

Everything begins with developing, practicing, and cultivating awareness because if we cannot recognize our subconscious programs, we can’t transform ourselves and thus the impact of our actions on the world. If we keep acting on habits and patterns, and beliefs that do not value sustainability, how can we expect to influence our world in the right direction? 

Creating a sustainable world begins with mental models that direct our habits, patterns, and beliefs to create a sustainable world. Suppose each of us makes a habit of practicing and cultivating self-awareness. In that case, we will be more conscious about the impact of our emotions, feelings, and thoughts in our environment because we are deeply connected with everything, and everything is energy. Humans have the mental illusion of seeing ourselves as separate when, at the energetic level, we are one. We are part of the collective, and we are the collective. 

One factor influencing apathy in creating a sustainable world is the disconnect between our awareness and our ability to create by paying attention to what affects us all and ways to make a positive and conscious impact. When we can identify and recognize our ways of impacting the environment, we can also develop the ability to direct our attention to what is essential to create a coherent life. When we focus on something specific, like living in a way that promotes sustainability, we direct our energy to it. Thus, we are creating because our actions will be in alignment. 

When we accept and assume our responsibility to create a sustainable world, things change.

Being responsible to me means being able to respond with ability, but to do it, we first need awareness to then change habits, patterns, and beliefs that are incongruent with creating well-being for us and others.

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