What Is A Rouser? The Ultimate Business Leader

Rousing leadership sets off a chain reaction that propels a business forward


Rousing Leader

Editor’s note: This is the 3rd installment in the series. Read part one here and part two here.

So far in this series, I have covered reason and revenues. This time I’ll explain the indispensable driver of success: rousing leadership.

Why are rousers so important? They put things in motion. They set off a chain reaction that propels the company forward, enabling it to grow beyond the ordinary to become truly great. To rouse people you need to lead them.

This is not to imply that it only includes people at the top. Jobs do not come neatly packaged with a narrow range of required skills. No matter where someone is in an organization or what task they’re doing, they can be hugely influential – motivating and inspiring others around them. And because business leadership exists at every level of the organization, so too do rousers.

Leaders at the top need to motivate and inspire everyone and they must encourage others to do so throughout the organization. Rousers are critical to growth, innovation, employee engagement, value creation and much, much more. In short, rousers are the people who drive success.

Four Keys to Rousing Leadership

Being a rouser means inspiring, motivating and gaining the commitment of people for the company’s mission and objectives. It lies at the heart of leadership because rousers bring people along to achieve the company’s goals. So, what do rousers do and how can they increase commitment to their plans? The answer is by succeeding in four key areas.

1. Focus on Achieving Results

You should be goal oriented, improve the efficiency of processes and quality of products and services, make sure plans are sustainable and convey the stability of the company to employees. This requires openness, trust and honesty, making the company’s results visible to everyone.