What is Life Reimagined? [Video]
Lie Reimagined

It empowers people to reflect, evaluate priorities and take action to live their best life. 


Editor’s note: this article was created by AARP and intended to serve reeaders who have an interest in exploring What’s next?

Life Reimagined is a first-of-its-kind series of online and offline experiences made up of tools and community to help people reflect, evaluate priorities and take action to live their best life.

Quite simply, we are living longer, healthier and more active lives than ever before, which means that millions of Americans are reaching their 50s and 60s and are saying: “Wait a minute. I’m not done yet!” In this environment, with people redefining traditional notions of aging and retirement, a new life stage has emerged.

There is an opportunity to build and provide a trusted source of information and inspiration that is personal to each individual.

This fact has led to a fundamental shift in how we think about:

• Our career and working longer

• Managing our money

• Maintaining our health

• Ensuring personal fulfillment

Knowing there is a longer road ahead of us, it makes us think about the path we want to take and that age doesn’t limit our possibilities. The purpose of Life Reimagined is to provide a personal guidance system to help people navigate transitions and live to their fullest.

Life Reimagined was launched by AARP in 2013 to bring together the best thinkers, the latest resources and the collective power of community to spark a movement to engage people of all ages in asking the fundamental question, “what’s next for me?”

With Life Reimagined, AARP is helping people of all ages navigate transitions. AARP has always aimed to fulfill the vision of a society in which everyone lives his or her best life with dignity and purpose. When people reach their full potential, society can reach its full potential. Life Reimagined helps to realize that vision for all.

What Makes Life Reimagined Special?

Life Reimagined is powered by the Life Reimagined Institute for Innovation, a world-class group of thought leaders in the areas of life and career coaching, psychology, personal development, health and entrepreneurship. The Institute has been established to become the foremost authority on navigating the new life phase, and will be the center for the thinking, research, and innovation for Life Reimagined. In essence, the Institute is a lab for breakthrough thinking, leading research, and product development.

When it launches in June, the Life Reimagined Institute will be the first-ever knowledge center and living laboratory, to connect, share, debate, inspire, & empower thought leaders, businesses, and other key audiences. The Life Reimagined Institute has assembled a team of industry-leading thought leaders, life coaches, counselors, doctors, social scientists, business and policy experts, who bring the best knowledge and understanding of how to help people navigate life transitions and change, and who will serve as originators and creative engines behind the Institute’s innovation processes.

What Tools Does Life Reimagined Provide?

Life Reimagined is a partner that can be dialed up or back, allowing you to take small steps using resources available online and offline, ultimately helping map out what you are looking to do in your life.

Personalized Dashboard:

The more one interacts with the (personal/smart/local/emotional) service, the more the information and tools are tailored to an individual.

Ongoing Engagement:

Life Reimagined is your partner, so we find multiple touch points online and offline – either through email or other notifications – to stay in contact and encourage small steps to keep you moving forward in your reimagine process.

Thousands of people are using Life Reimagined as their personal handbook for expanding their possibilities and navigating their next steps. Life Reimagined’s online experience invites users into this network through an exclusive, customizable roadmap that helps people understand where they are in their journey to achieve their goals and dreams, reflect, and make decisions in planning their next steps.

• LifeReimagined.org: An interactive portal with step by step programs to help someone better understand what they want out of life and how to achieve it.

• In-person events and local meet-ups: Face-to-face opportunities to meet with experts and to workshop many of the Life Reimagined programs.

• LearningAdvisor.com: A reference website created with our partner Kaplan, with a focus on simple and accessible ways to continue education – from free seminars and certificate programs to full degrees.

• Life Reimagined Institute for Innovation (LRI): The institute is our foundation for our approach, and brings together the best minds, research, and innovation to explore and discover new ways of helping people navigate the many transitions in life.

Life Reimagine will hold a workshop at the Hispanic Women’s Summit in Ft. Lauderdale Florida at the Hispanic Women Summit, no charge but an RSVP is required. Please contact elainevasquez@aol.com or call 954-709-1622

For More on Life Reimagine and other locations around the country please visit the website

 Allso follow Life Reimagine on Facebook or on Twitter at @LifeReimagined. 


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