When Crisis Births Education Latinas Shine





Like many family- owned businesses, there is much to learn from this story for all business owners:

1.   Know which crisis you have to run from.

Know that there will always be crises upon crises but not all of them have the power to take you out. Analyze and review your options before you leave what you started behind or at the table for someone else to pick up.

2.   Reinvent Yourself.  UNILATINA originally started in Colombia and when what they hoped for didn’t pan out, they decided to create a NEW UNILATINA in the U.S.A. Just because you did it before and something did not work out, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good idea that can’t be started again or improved upon.

3.   When you start something, be ready to do everything. In the beginning of every start up, there will be challenges and one of the biggest ones is that you will not have enough staff or enough money. Be ready to do what you need to do to keep the dream alive.

4.   Share the burden with others. As the founder of a business, you may be overwhelmed with all you have going on personally as well as in your business. There may be others around you who want to help you build your business especially if they see it will have far-reaching impact on others. Ask. Tell. Then share the burden so you can keep your business alive.www.unilatina.edu or call 954-607-4344. 

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