Why Craft a Personal Manifesto? A Guide to Purposeful Expression – Part 1

A collection of lottery wish letters - each expressing personal hopes - dreams - and aspirations - revealing diverse wishes

Crafting a Personal Manifesto transcends the realm of mere goal setting

In the classic sense, a Manifesto describes political actions or royal, sovereign, or others showing their intentions or proclaiming their opinions and motives regarding some act undertaken. The word comes from the Latin manifestus, meaning obvious. Eventually, the term manifesto came to refer to a written document expressing beliefs and calling for change.

Upon completing my MBA in 2011, I found myself at a crossroads, seeking a more deliberate direction for my career. Despite my success as a film and TV producer for global brands, I lacked alignment between my professional endeavors and values. My achievements had been driven more by opportunity than intentionality, perhaps guided by subconscious motivations rather than conscious purpose.

In this pursuit of clarity, I embarked on the transformative journey of crafting my Personal Manifesto. This process does not refer to manifestation but a method of introspection to align one’s goals with values, beliefs, ethics, and personal vision. It necessitates a departure from the frenetic pace of “doing” and instead encourages reflection and stillness, empowering you to take control of your life’s direction.

The decision to write my Manifesto stemmed from a friend’s recommendation, coinciding with a significant change in my life. Transitioning from a career in film and TV to marketing and strategy, I embraced the challenge with excitement and trepidation. Adaptability has always been a hallmark of my character, a trait I now fully embrace, but it sometimes made me feel unsure.

Armed with nothing but a simple spiral-bound notebook, I embarked on the transformative journey of self-discovery. With each stroke of the pen, I unearthed a deeper understanding of my aspirations, values, and desired impact on the world. This act of manual writing, I soon discovered, had profound neurological implications, rewiring my brain to align with my newfound clarity of purpose.

Digging into this journey of self-discovery can inspire and motivate you to embark on your own path of personal growth.

My Manifesto delineated specific principles and aspirations, serving as a compass amidst the uncertainty of professional endeavors and career switching. One such principle, which became very clear to me during my writing, was that I wanted to work with individuals and organizations committed to meaningful impact. The simple sentence I wrote in 2011 has significantly shaped my trajectory, leading to fulfilling collaborations and projects.

Another important aspect of my Manifesto was to embrace the unconventional notion of remote work, a concept dismissed by many in 2011. Contrary to skeptics’ beliefs, this approach attracted compatible clients and facilitated long-term partnerships spanning continents and cultures.

As my journey progressed, I revisited and refined my Manifesto to align with evolving aspirations and deeper callings. Expanding beyond individual engagements with entrepreneurs, I have ventured into teaching, mentoring, and advising, leveraging various platforms to reach a broader audience and effect meaningful change on a larger scale.

In essence, crafting a Personal Manifesto transcends the realm of mere goal setting; it embodies a profound commitment to authenticity and purposeful expression. By grounding our actions in deeply held values and aspirations, we not only navigate professional endeavors with clarity but also cultivate a sense of fulfillment that transcends mere success. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we delve deeper into the practical aspects and a framework to develop your personal Manifesto.

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