Why the Electric Volt Is An Ideal Small Business Car Choice [Video]

Chevy Volt

Your accountant will document the superior economics of this car.


The Chevy Volt is the ideal small business car. It is very competitive in price or lease compared to other four passage cars. As a plug-in electric hybrid the Volt is a low fuel cost leader. The car’s center console touch screen is the size of a small iPad and uses apps found on your Apple or Android phone.

It is a four passage car, five in a pinch, with a huge storage space behind the rear seats accessed through a fifth door. The Volt’s zero tail pipe emissions from electric drive also aligns with Corporate America’s increasing focus on the greening of their supply chain.

The Volt’s bottom line is that it is a cost effective vehicle for business travel and it will make a very positive impressive with clients.

Cheaper than the average priced new car!

GM loaned me a fully loaned Volt for a week long test drive.

With every bell and whistle I can imagine on a car it had a $40,000 sticker price. That compares to today’s $33,000 average price for a car. But because the Volt is a plug-in electric hybrid it qualifies for $7,500 in Federal tax credit.

California assigns a $1.500 rebate to Volt buyers. The Volt I drove had a cash price after tax incentives of $30,000! I have found dealers promoting $269/month leases. All of this makes the Volt price winner compared to its four door sedan peers.

Superior urban fuel costs

The Volt has a 56 mile range on a fully charged battery. The vehicle’s regenerative brakes can add additional electric miles if your business travel has stop and go urban driving.

It costs approximately 75 cents per gallon equivalent to charge the Volt battery using utility power. So even at today’s $1.19+ per gallon gasoline prices the Volt’s electric drive is cheaper to fuel. Some businesses and homeowners are investing in onsite solar systems to operating their buildings and fuel their electric cars for “free.”

If your daily drive is greater than 56+ miles then the Volt has an extended range on-board engine that uses unleaded regular gasoline. On a 230 mile one day trip using both electric and the gasoline engine I achieved 50+ MPG. So even when trips extend beyond the range of the battery the Volt delivers class leading MPG results.

Great office on wheels

The Volt’s media center is easy to see and use. I never had a problem with sun glare in terms of viewing the digital information center. The center uses the same app icons as my iPhone. I sent a voice command text. The system received and read one to me.

The navigation worked well providing really clear and accurate commands. As I approached a turn the system duplicated the main screen’s visualization with a visualization just below the miles per hour display. I never got lost or frustrated. The Volt is a car that enables seamless connection to your business world while you are behind the wheel.

The Volt very comfortably seats four adults. The rear seating passengers have their own air vents and cup holders.

Conversations are facilitated due to the cabin’s amazing quite when the Volt is running on electricity. The rear storage area behind the seats is huge. It will fit a lot of luggage or business equipment.

The fifth door access makes it easy to load the car up and the rear seats fold flat for storing larger items.


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