Work Hard? Take Time to Thank Yourself


The Business Plan and The Start-Up Process

A great way to bring an entrepreneurial spirit to both help employees remain healthy as well as create a small business enterprise

Tina’s sister Mindi in reverse warrior pose

About 2 years ago, my sister went through a lengthy yoga curriculum and received her certification to teach yoga. She pitched the idea to me of offering a yoga class once a week at our company utilizing our office space.

My company is a small private company with about 50 employees in our New York offices. Our offices are located directly in the garment center with large banks of windows facing out onto the bright glaring lights and sounds of Times Square. Needless to say—that alone makes for challenges when trying to quiet the mind. As luck would have it, we are extremely fortunate to have a large showroom with moveable walls that can easily expand into something more like a “studio” space. Once we looked at the dimensions that we had to work with, we knew that being able to hold class for about 10 people would be a possibility.

The next step, which I was a initially hesitant, about was to approach the president of my company with the idea. After I thoroughly thought everything through, I presented the idea to him, assuring him that we would be very conscientious to plan our class time late enough that it would not interfere with possible meetings in the showroom and also give our employees plenty of time to complete their work, but still make it to yoga. We would hold class every Thursday at 6:45PM and I would be responsible to make sure there would be no scheduling conflicts with any late work meetings. I was a bit shocked by how quickly he agreed to it and from there we began our program.

Everyone in my company was asked if they would like to be on the yoga mailing list so that they could receive reminders about classes and/or any changes or special events that would be held as well. As new employees were added, they were given the option to receive these emails. My sister charged a fee for class participants (discounts for multiple class purchases) and all class members were asked to sign a onetime waiver.

It took a while to catch on and I think that some people were very self conscious about being in a class with co-workers, but my sister was a great instructor who had a talent for making everyone class feel comfortable.

The wonderful thing about yoga is that anyone from a novice to an experienced level can partake in the class and adjust their postures to their degree of capability so that it is a good class for everyone. Our classes have people in their 20’s and up to their 50’s. Everyone thoroughly enjoys their 1 hour of time and the great work-out and opportunity to unwind after the work day.

We now have some continuous regulars who attend class and continue to add new people members who want to try it and see what it’s about.

I always check our calendar schedule and double check with anyone who will be holding any evening meetings the day of class just to make sure that we are all clear to still conduct yoga. And I think that to some of our clients who see it in action or people in the industry whom I mention that we conduct yoga classes in our office, it really speaks positively of our company and what we try to offer our employees.

Mindi, Tina and colleagues

Celebrating The Success With Co-Workers

Workplace Yoga, a great way to socialize and engage in conversations with co-workers.

This year we are approaching the 2 year anniversary of our program and we decided to celebrate by holding a wine and cheese get together after yoga class. It was a nice way to relax with everyone and say thank you for being a part of this initiative.

This event was received so well that I think we may offer this up a couple of times a year as a great socializing event and to draw in new members.

It’s pretty amazing what my sister has done and I love hearing the class members’ appreciation for setting up something like this that they can enjoy and feel good about. I like that we are doing something that can benefit others and also keep me healthy at the same time.

I give thanks to having an incredible sister who put the idea out there to start something that is so much more far reaching than just being a business plan—it’s a way of life.


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