12 Essential Wellness Tips for Burned Out Job Hunters

Conceptual photo illustrating burnout syndrome at work

Navigate this journey with resilience and land that dream opportunity

The job searches these days can feel like an Olympic feat – all focus, determination, and a healthy dose of grit. And let’s be honest, it can be rough!

I’m currently in the job hunt trenches myself, figuring out this exciting and overwhelming world of seeking a new opportunity. But two months in, I realized I’d gotten so deep in the trenches that I was neglecting my health. It was time to refocus.

Landing the right job was a priority, but so was keeping myself healthy and – dare I say – happy during the process.

Here are some tips I’ve picked up and continue to practice helping you maintain your sanity and optimism as you navigate your own job hunt:

12 Essential Wellness Tips for Burned Out Job Hunters

1. Maintain a Routine: While the urge to become a resume-writing hermit might be strong, resist! Creating a morning and evening routine provides much-needed structure to keep the search sustainable. Schedule in job search activities, but also try to start and end your day with some healthy, mindful habits.

2. Take Microbreaks: Powering through without breaks might seem productive, but it’s a recipe for burnout. Incorporate “microbreaks” throughout the day – a quick cup of coffee on the balcony, a few deep breaths at your desk, or a short stretch. These small moments make a big difference in your energy and focus.

3. Silence the Inner Critic: That little voice telling you “you’ll be jobless foreverrrrr” is lying. Recognize this negative self-talk and silence it with loads of self-compassion. Remember, job hunting takes time, and setbacks are inevitable. It’s ok.

4. Do Something Creative: Job hunting might not feel like the most artistic pursuit, but it is! Spark your creativity by visiting a museum, catching a movie, or enjoying live music.  Stepping away from screens and getting inspired can work wonders for your application approach.

5. Journal Your Journey: Journal it all out! A daily journal is a great space to vent frustrations, but also to record your hopes and dreams for the future. As you journal, visualize yourself in that perfect role and all the amazing things you’ll accomplish.

6. Move Your Body: Find an activity you genuinely enjoy, whether it’s a brisk walk, a yoga session, or a dance party in your living room. Physical movement is a fantastic stress reliever and mood booster. And we definitely need all the mood boosting we can get!

7. Connect with Loved Ones: Job hunting can feel isolating, so prioritize time with friends and family. Social connection is essential for your well-being.

8. Fuel your body with healthy meals and snacks to keep your energy levels up – ditch the stress-eating cycle!

9. Embrace the Sunshine:  Step outside!  A dose of fresh air and sunshine can work wonders for your mood and focus.

10. Practice Presence: Job hunting is a very future-focused activity, but don’t forget the present moment. Take a break and moment to appreciate how hard you’re working, how far you’ve come and all the opportunities that await you!

11. Give Back: Feeling overwhelmed? Helping others is a great way to shift your focus.  Volunteer your time, help a friend, or perform a simple act of kindness. It’ll remind you there’s a whole world out there beyond the job search – a much-needed reminder.

12. Silence the Noise:  Meditation has been a game-changer for me during this job hunt. It helps me connect with my intuition and what I truly want in a career. Taking time to quiet the external noise (hello, endless LinkedIn scrolling!) allows you to make well-informed decisions based on your inner voice.

Remember, fellow job hunters, we’re all in this together. By taking care of ourselves, prioritizing our well-being, and staying positive, we can navigate this journey with resilience and land that dream opportunity. Now get out there and conquer your job search – with a calm heart, a nourished body and an excitement for your future. Because all of your hard work WILL pay-off!

I’ll leave you with the quote I have pinned to the wall in front of me:

In the end, everything will be alright. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end.” – Fernando Sabino

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