5 Hispanic Fashion Designers Changing the Face of the Industry

5 Hispanic Fashion Designers Changing the Face of the Industry

As we approach the end of Hispanic Heritage Month 2021, we recognize Hispanics who have had an impact on the Fashion Industry. Their creative vision, collaboration and innovation are leading the way into a new era of fashion, seeking to raise everyone up, implement sustainable practices, and support local resources.

Fashion Designers of Latin America, Bringing Dreams to the Runway [Video]

Meet Albania Rosario, founder and CEO of the Fashion Designers of Latin America (FDLA).

I can hardly believe it’s already September and that New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is back! With a whole year of watching designers find creative ways to showcase their collections due to the pandemic in the rearview mirror, this is the first “normal” season of NYFW since the city’s lockdown, with larger scale, indoor, in-person events finally returning for the Spring/Summer 2022 season. The event that I am most excited about is… Read more & Watch the Video

How a Swimwear Designer’s Meandering Path Led her to Entrepreneurship


Sometimes it’s all about the journey.

On a summer afternoon, I had the pleasure of interviewing Melinda Huff, designer & CEO of Mirame Swim. In the course of our interview, our conversation about her journey to becoming an entrepreneur reminded me of a trip I once took to Maui, Hawaii. I was told that when in Maui, I must make sure to take the road to Hana. I didn’t really understand what this meant but once en route I began to understand that the reason this is such a magical journey is not because of the final destination, but because of all the beautiful stops along the way. As Huff shared her background story of how and why she…Read more & Watch the Video

Turning Your Skills Fashion Sense Into a Career – Part 1 [Video]

Latin Biz Today’s director of community relations Tina Trevino interviews Samantha Telfair about her fashion business.

A Latina born and raised in the Bronx, Telfair turned her sense of style into a career by becoming a stylist to celebrities and A-listers on the red carpet.

Upon relocating to the West Coast, she wanted to find a way to expand upon her styling business. She founded the brand The Merger. As CEO, founder, Latina entrepreneur  and creative director of this modern luxury brand, The Merger looks to build community and collaborate with… Read more & Watch the Video

Latino Fashion Designer Willfredo Gerardo’s Cutting Edge Business [Video]

Latino small business fashion designer, Willfredo Gerardo shares his inspiration for becoming a designer.

It’s a bustling January market week in our showroom and talented Latino designer, Willfredo Gerardo is popping in to give us a taste of his favorite looks.

I’m thrilled to see some of his designs in person. They are just breathtaking and two things are very obvious. He absolutely loves what he does and he loves designing specifically with the female form in mind.

With dresses that are curve hugging, sleek and sexy, layered with beautiful sequins and beading, or maybe transparent in strategic areas for pure sex appeal, he truly caters to the… Read more & Watch the Video

Dominican Born, Fashion Design Entrepreneur, Cenia Paredes

Cenia Paredes on building her successful business and what it takes.

It’s a Friday afternoon and I’m headed right around the corner from my showroom to the FITDE space at 520 8thAve in the heart of  NYC’s garment center to interview fashion designer, Cenia Paredes.

So, first of all, if you don’t know what FITDE is, it’s the showroom space for the Fashion Institute of Technology Design Entrepreneurs Collaborative. This is a program that helps emerging designers grow their businesses.

The Collaborative offers the space at a less than market…Read the Article 

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Latino Streetwear Entrepreneur Balances Style & Struggle [Video]

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