5 Tips to Grow Your Business

3. Open the lines of communication. Generally, those around you need more information, not less, to feel successful. Let people know where you think the business needs to go, the problems it faces and what keeps you up at night. That makes it easier for you to involve them in finding solutions to your biggest challenges. Ask their advice about what you are doing right, what hurts and what needs fixing. That way, everyone has a bigger stake in your success. Bring all parties under the tent.

4. Be open to new ideas, even if they sound silly or outlandish. One such idea just might be your “next big thing.” And reward people for extra effort. Non-cash incentives – like time off or a company lunch – have gained popularity as a means of rewarding employees. But cash bonuses still reign. After all, cash is king.

5. Always deliver what you promise. That includes keeping promises to employees and suppliers as well as customers. Integrity fuels the success engine, and it’s tough to recover if you blow it.

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