Affordable Healthcare Entrepreneur– Behind the Interview at Tiempo [video]

Maria Trusa and Joe Torres ABC-TV

CEO Maria Trusa shares her affordability healthcare story on TV


It was a rainy Tuesday morning when I headed out to New York City for my interview at Tiempo.

After arriving, we checked in with the desk and sat in the lobby area. As I waited in the waiting room of Channel 7, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of accomplishment. It gave me the opportunity to reflect – We were going to be on Channel 7!

I was taken back to a year ago when this venture began, never did I imagine that just a year later our medical center and Medical Membership would be recognized by a national channel. Our hard work is paying off.

Shortly after, Joe Torres greeted us and told us how the episode was going to run: we would be asked questions, there would be a commercial, and then he would ask us wrap-up questions. Joe let us know he was not out to “stump” us, and he was right.

Everything he asked us were questions we already knew. He said he saw us on Channel 12 and thought his audience would benefit greatly from learning about the alternative to Obamacare.

We walked down the halls and through many doors from the waiting room to the set of Tiempo and I felt myself go quiet as I was taking in the sights. I started feeling euphoric remembering that many important role models and leaders have also walked those same halls. We walk through life taking the journey for granted that I wanted to take it all in.

We passed by two metal doors that had a sign that read “ABC Studios” and were led to the filming set where I saw four cameras that were automated, and directly in front of us was the green screen for the weather.

There were only a few people on set, which was about 1,000 square feet. We were briefly introduced to the producer, but we only interacted with Joe. One of the women on set gave us directions: face that camera then turn your head toward the other one; converse with Joe, not the camera.

After completing a sound check, they verified that they had our titles written correctly. And five minutes later – we were on air. It was shot all at once; there was no time to stop and make edits.

Joe Torres instantly made us feel comfortable. He prepped us without even giving us the questions beforehand. Having been in the medical field for 30 years, I am familiar with medical terminology, but Joe reminded us that not everyone shares the same vocabulary and to keep it simple.

His advice made me feel really connected to the audience without really knowing them. That day, I learned that Joe Torres is really there for his community.

Tiempo Video part 1


Next- A Q&A with Joe and Maria and Tiempo video part 2


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