Business Owners Must Recognize Employees’ Greatest Challenges

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Employees are moved around like we move furniture, and we call it leadership with vision when, in reality it’s more about power.

I have said it before, and I repeat it: the most challenging aspect at work is to master the skills that nobody teaches us and that, at some point, we must develop, practice, and cultivate by our initiative.

This list may be long but it’s important:

  1. Connecting with others.
  2. Communicating and clearly expressing our ideas, needs, and desires.
  3. To have the ability to listen to others and ourselves actively.
  4. Recognizing subconscious programs in ourselves and others so we are more tolerant and compassionate.
  5. Make conscious and intentional pauses daily to clarify our thoughts, words, and actions.
  6. Being able to look at ourselves and others in ways that create union instead of separateness.
  7. To express what we feel clearly and from our heart centered more than our logical mind.
  8. Open our hearts instead of building walls because we have learned that is the way to protect us.
  9. Identify thought and behavior patterns that keep us in our comfort zone because we carry beliefs that keep us safe and in control when, in reality, change is constant, life is unexpected, and that is where we grow and evolve.
  10. Willingly face the unknown with curiosity instead of fear, realizing that the unknown carries unlimited possibilities.
  11. Live in connection with our genuine passion and dare to embrace it fully.
  12. Waking up feeling empowered and intentional, vibrating with that high energy that only our life purpose carries.
  13. Learning to discern instead of automatically making decisions based on old habits and subconscious patterns that keep us limited.
  14. Take chances in connection with our heart’s wisdom and realize that most of the mental stories we harbor and feed are based on fear instead of hope so we can transmute them.

Throughout human history, we have been feeding a mindset that has separated and distanced us from one another instead of unifying and strengthening us. We go on autopilot most of our lives and settle with much less of what we deserve because we do not see ourselves; we do not pause and question ourselves and the world’s ideas that become truths. We choose numbing, distraction, and disconnection to cope with our unattended emotions, feelings, and mental stories because we do not see ourselves and each other. We use words and actions that create disconnection instead of bringing us together. When we see ourselves as different, it is easy to judge and believe the lies we are constantly told about others, creating new generations that, instead of using their unique talents, abilities, and wisdom, keep on repeating the same mistakes our ancestors have made perpetuating scarcity, poverty, aggression, hatred, and division.

We talk about leadership in ways that make us believe that when we reach certain organizational positions, we are better than others and put on the task of transforming organizations and people without starting at the root of a toxic corporate culture that is the reflection of the toxicity of decadent systems in place. It is not a matter of remodeling or re-designing but having the intention to let people flourish using their authentic power and the energy of their dreams. We hardly go through an in-depth inner journey where we truly part from the desire to serve and inspire from an authentic place. We move people around like we move furniture, and we call this being a leader with vision when, in reality, we are drunk with power and twisted ideas that blur our minds.

We do not dare to lead from the heart because we have been told that it is a weakness when, in reality, it is the inability to connect with our heart’s center’s wisdom. After all, that requires much inner work; we believe that is for softies. We instigate instead of creating safe spaces for open discussion and exchange of ideas because it requires compassion, energy, humility, and vulnerability, and we are unwilling to put ourselves to it. It is easier to delegate human resources to find fault in those in the way of our “vision.”

Some of you might feel uncomfortable with the rawness of my words and might be switching your seats, moving your heads, or simply deleting my comments instead of taking a deep breath and asking yourselves:

  • Why do I feel triggered by these words?
  • Why am I feeling uncomfortable, angry, irritated.?

Most of us wake up with dreadful emotions, feelings, and thoughts about going to work in a place that feels dense, heavy, and sickening. However, we do it because we believe we have no option or are comfortable even though we are not reaching our full potential; we have allowed ourselves to think that “everything is fine.”

We tell ourselves that everywhere is the same; what is the difference? At least I have a job like when somebody gives us a lolly pop to calm us down instead of offering their presence and actively listening to us. We give our power away so many times daily to our bosses, colleagues, clients, partners, and the system, and we feel exhausted and overwhelmed. Still, we lack the inner connection that fuels our fire and keep telling ourselves lies because we are surviving!

I invite you to consider another way of living. The question I suggest you ask yourself is, am I willing to put in the energy, time, and resources needed to live the life I deserve and want?

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