Calle Ocho

Calle Ocho – el Festival de la Calle Ocho as it is also known – was started in the late 70’s as a neighborhood festivity and quickly grew to its present size estimate of over 1 million people.

Alternatively billed as the “largest street party in the U.S.” and “the largest Hispanic Festival in the U.S.” Calle Ocho, put together by a consortium that is leadered by the Kiwanis Club of Little Havanna, different citizen’s groups and most major media, Calle Ocho runs on SW 8 Street between 27th and 8th Avenue.

It is a fun mix of culture – all major media and several major advertisers have stages with continuous entertainment; food, business  – hundreds of advertisers have booths sampling their products and, especially, people, who come to party, eat, dance and enjoy the great Miami scenery.

I have been photographing Calle Ocho for years and this year was, without a doubt, one of the best. The crowd was heavy but friendly and laid back. The great Miami temperature we had  – it was a crisp day until 2:00 pm by which time it was a bit hot – probably had a lot to do with the great behavior.

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