Care Force One Wrapped Up the “Travelogues” Sundance Docu-series

Artist and domestic care worker advocate, Marisa Jahn is adjusting her lens in a slightly different way than most to focus in her own unique way how to address issues revolving around domestic care workers, employers, and their rights.


As an exciting follow-up to my previous article entitled Care Force One Travelogues about the Care Force One team, they have finally wrapped up their cross country premiere of the “Travelogues”, a four part Sundance supported docu-series that uses art and film to amplify the voices of our fastest growing workforce—caregivers.

With the completion of these high level premiere engagements meant to help bring more awareness to the fast growing issues concerning caregivers, the individual city events not only provided an early screening of the series but also engaging conversation and panel discussions with thought provoking speakers, international music, and artistic performances—and finally part 1 of the series is released and ready for your viewing! 

Care Force One                                     

The “Care Force One Travelogues” is a humorous and touching story that calls on each of us to think more about our quickly growing domestic care industry and how these workers are treated.

View “Care Force One Travelogues” Part 1

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