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Once again it’s time to spread some more fashion insight across the globe!

You know how some people have bumper stickers that say “My Other Car is A Porsche”. Well, I have a very fashionable sticker that says, “My Other Informative Digital Outlet is Latin Business Today”. I already know that many of you have kept up with my business articles on LBT and today I just had another one published! It’s always an exciting day to see these go up on-line for everyone to read.

Today’s article addresses the major advances that are being made in on-line, digital, and television purchases. I know some of us consider retailers like HSN to be an old-school type of medium for selling product, but having had the chance to work with their apparel/product/digital teams, it is truly amazing what they are bringing to the table. They are making sure they are staying current, relative, engaging, and empowering to their customers. They know that their customer is time starved and are looking to help their customers maximize every little second they can devote to their computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

The other amazing on-line resource is, as many of you already know, Amazon! Who doesn’t love getting stuff shipped via Amazon Prime!!!! Happy delivery day!!! People not only are buying purchases for themselves, buying gifts, doing holiday shopping, buying household supplies, comparing prices, saving wish lists, getting recommendations of other items they might like—-the sky is the limit!! Amazing, seamless, convenient service!!

These guys are taking away big market share from brick and mortar stores and we all know it! Just compare how much you shop on-line vs. going into stores these days. I know that the last thing I want to do when I get home late from work is go to the store, but I can certainly multi-task on my iPad while doing laundry, making dinner, watching TV, etc. and find time to make some on-line purchases. Who could have imagined as we were kids in the ’70’s and ’80’s that this is the way we would be shopping and just living our lives in general!

Take some time to read my article and I’ll share a very funny follow-up story tomorrow on the growth of as an account with my company!!

Here’s the quick link– here


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