Do You Feel Dissatisfied at Work? 4 Reasons Why

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Humans constantly try to fill gaps without knowing because we mostly go on autopilot

We are convinced we can fill our emptiness with new clothes, cars, houses, experiences, etc. We are conditioned to believe that emptiness is something we remedy with stuff, and most of the time, it does the trick, but in the long term, we are in the same place again.

We do not realize that living like this becomes a habit, and we think it is how life’s supposed to be because we see that other people around us are going through the same and dealing with it in similar ways, so why bother? We fail to realize that even though most of us share identical beliefs because we are part of a collective mind (culture, society), it does not mean there are no better ways or that we should keep on ideas that are not letting us be our best version. 

I have realized that happiness, inner peace, prosperity, and well-being are not the byproduct of following the world’s standards, and let me tell you four reasons why:

  1. Because all the rules the world imposes on us are geared to keep us walking in circles and under control.
  2. I have also understood it is not achieved in the external world; it is actually an inverse process. We should always aim to cultivate our inner world to manifest in the outside world. 
  3. Unfortunately, most of us believe that work is where we achieve success, which should lead to happiness, prosperity, and well-being. 
  4. Our value depends on what we do and is tied to our professional achievements. Thus, we spend most of our lives competing, searching for the new and most innovative thing, so we become stars. It is never enough, and we are continuously aiming for something else. It is exhausting! But we only realize it after we have spent most of our productive life in a hamster’s wheel.

The fact that we never seem to find authentic contentment at work and in life in general, at some point, becomes unbearable because we do not know where else to find it, so we feel trapped, creating a disconnection from our body which is the subconscious mind and where we feel everything because emotions are chemicals the brain produces and are transmitted through the cells to our organs, and systems. 

We then disconnect from our spirit, our electromagnetic field or consciousness, where reality happens, and we let our mind create our life’s script without questioning it. We blindly follow our subconscious mind’s programs: habits, patterns, and beliefs, and as a result, we also disconnect from others even though we might be surrounded by people because most of our relationships are superficial, which gives us a sense of frustration and fear that we do not know how to channel. 

After all, we do not count on practical tools to handle the reality of life that is not about being promoted or recognized by our bosses, peers, or clients. We might start looking for courses or workshops, or we begin following gurus on social media, and we focus on following their advice because we believe they have achieved it!

I have spent most of my life questioning why I am here, my existence, and how I can find fulfillment, joy, happiness, and inner peace to contribute to a better world from an authentic place. For years I have felt deeply dissatisfied at some level, and I have come to understand that I have been looking in the wrong places all this time because I allowed the world to tell me the way. I needed help finding my sense of purpose and value in the past, but now I know who I am and why I am here, which is why I am sharing this with you.

Do you know where the answers are?

My answer may seem simplistic but remember that I have been in your shoes, but at some point, I realized that everything I have been trying to find outside of me is within me. It is simple: Our superpower resides in awareness, which is the ability to recognize emotions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and habits. It is the ability to see ourselves as an observer to then have the capacity to observe others and the world.

Being the observer requires lots of intentional practice because it is unlearning mental models tied to beliefs and ways of living that are firmly and deeply planted in our subconscious. But how could we transmute how our mind sees the world if we are unaware that our mindset requires serious questioning?

You might feel like you have reached a dead end, but do not despair; I will keep sharing my journey, which includes serious research but mainly a solid commitment to live an authentic, honest, loving, prosperous life through a daily conscious, intentional, courageous practice that I share with whoever is ready. 

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