Emerging from Behind the Mask [Video]

As mask mandates have lifted throughout the summer and we emerge from behind our protective shields, we may be feeling some anxiety about what is appropriate, acceptable, and still risky when it comes to ditching the mask.

For some the mask has strictly been a tool to keep us safe and healthy. For others it has been a way to find anonymity in their world. Many have found it a way to relax the constraints of putting on a happy face or the need to always have make-up on when leaving the house.

Whatever viewpoint you have on mask wearing, it is natural to feel odd about letting go of a habit that we’ve been living with for almost a year. As much as we experience the freedom, joy and happiness of not having to wear a mask, it may also seem a bit awkward and  wrong to not wear one. This is a realistic reaction when saying good-bye to a practice that we’ve come to see as normal.

Our first interactions with others will feel extremely odd and uncomfortable as we are out of practice in the dance of social norms. We will have a lot of situations to navigate through, especially given that guidelines for mask wearing continue to shift.

As the return to so-called normal life becomes more of a reality, it’s important to not idealize the concept that life post-pandemic will be exactly as it was before. We have all been tested and challenged during this time and we have changed. We should focus on being grateful for the luxury we have as Americans to be offered a vaccine that can help to normalize our lives. We’ve been lucky to receive a “re-boot” on our lives and hopefully with all we have learned over the past year and a half, we will look to improve our quality of life and build our relationships with those that we’ve missed seeing.

Join Latin Biz Today’s director of community relations and fashion lead, Tina Trevino, as she hosts 5 fashion and beauty industry experts to discuss how we see fashion moving forward through this new lens after a year and a half of cultural changes.

In Part 3, we start our discussion with “Emerging from Behind the Mask.”

Tina is joined by:

Emme: Iconic supermodel, body positivity advocate and Executive Life Coach.

Ceñia Paredes: Owner, CEO and Designer of Cenia New York

Tracy Gold: Personal Stylist, YouTube influencer, and QVC presenter

Melinda Huff: Owner, CEO and Designer of Mirame Swimwear

Evan Elkowitz: Fashion stylist, writer and advocate for Cuban design and art


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