Ensuring the Academic Success of Our Latino Males



Your Role

There is a role for you to play if you care to play it. I certainly do not have the answers but I have a few ideas.

  • If you are a business owner, join forces with a local Hispanic-serving Institution in your state and offer to become a partner and offer mentoring to college students who are in majors in your field. You can also donate to areas of need in the school that are helping Latino students succeed. For example you can donate toward an ESL lab. For a list of schools that fit that bill visit www.hacu.net
  • Business owners or individuals can contribute to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund to help ease the financial burden of going to school since many Latinos drop out due to lack of money for family expenses let alone school tuition. Visit them at www.hsf.net
  • Start a small internship program at your business that can help a student get a taste of your field, gain credit and/or a stipend and give them exposure to key Latinos in your company, if possible.
  • And if none of these things seem to tickle your fancy, connect with Latin Business Today advisors who I am sure can connect interested parties with young Latinos deserving of an opportunity to succeed in education.

If we each do our part, we can have a role in ensuring the academic success of our young Latino men.

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