Family Vacations Provide Stress Relief and Bonding

Family vacations work life

Work-life balance and family vacation benefits.


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Work-life balance. It sounds like a great idea but working parents know it’s more of an ideal than reality. Achieving work-life balance it a little like walking a tight rope in a circus.

For small business owners, who wear several—if not all—hats at work, balance is even more allusive. You likely have a hand in hiring, sales and marketing, IT, inventory and just about every other department. And if your cellphone rings at 10 p.m., the decision to answer the call is automatic, because it’s your business on the line.

Like their parents, kids today are stressed by a number of factors. For teens it could be the need for good grades in AP physics, the desire to make the varsity football team, the goal of getting into an Ivy League college or the need to find a summer job. But even elementary school age children experience stress about grades, friendships, family life and more.

A family vacation is the answer

For adults, a good vacation resets the mental clock, rejuvenating the mind and body. But have you considered the value of a vacation to your children?

Like exercise, diet and proper sleep, an annual family vacation is necessary to relieve the pressures of work, school and home. As many as 62% of Americans report taking a family vacation, according to a Gallup poll. For families with children under 18, 65% of those surveyed took a family vacation in 2017.

A family vacation, the ultimate family bonding experience, gives the whole family a chance to relax and unwind together. It also provides a time to reconnect away from work, school and home.

If you’re looking for a way to get away without all of the planning and details that vacations can entail, a cruise is a popular option. Crystal Cruises offer several opportunities that you and the kids can take advantage of. Family bonding over nature—whale-watching, hiking, seeing the brown bears—are among the cruise activities offered.

Still need convincing that you need a family vacation? Consider this: The UK’s Family Holiday Association’s findings underscore the value of family vacation with nearly half of those surveyed reporting that their happiest memory was made during a family vacation.

Going on vacation and taking time off from the hustle and bustle of daily life can actually give your small business a boost because you come back energized with a new outlook and often a new approach to problem-solving.

Cruising your troubles away

With a cruise, the family gets the chance to spend time together without the worries of getting from destination to destination.

From whale watching to family dinners, from massages for mom and sightseeing for dad, Alaska cruises have it all. While sis might want to read a book on the ship’s deck while viewing the snow-capped mountains in the background, other family members might want to more actively sightsee. The beauty of a cruise is that both are possible, so everyone is satisfied.

Crystal Cruises offers top-notch service and attention to detail for the whole family. Popular ports include Juneau, which offers history, culture, music and food, along with views of glaciers that are only accessible by air. If wildlife watching is more your family’s thing, the Anchorage/Seward cruise includes an excursion to Chichagof Island, home of the world’s largest population of brown bears.

With 16 Alaska voyages to choose from, Crystal Cruises is sure to offer one that will satisfy your family’s varied tastes and needs.

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