Getting Ready for the New Year!

I know I’ve been on an extended hiatus, but with the new year approaching and the holiday season starting to wind down–it’s time to get back on the blog wagon…..

Today is the the LAST day of 2014 and with my family in town for the holidays, we decided to try out our new fit bits and log some walking time….


….fit bits–activate!!

I happen to live in quite a historic town so we combined some exercise as well as a lesson in history this afternoon too!

At a brisk 27 degrees but with some sun, we put on our layers, hats, gloves, scarves, fit bits and hit the road…..

First walking point of interest– The DeWint House
This is an old building circa 1700’s that was a home to General George Washington during his stay in the area….


My brother and sister posing in front of The DeWint House


The Carriage House Museum

Duck Crossing….

More walking with a stop to enjoy the local ducks paddling around in the town creek like it’s a hot summer day….

Quacking around….

The ’76 House–This is supposedly the oldest bar in the U.S.  (No we didn’t stop in for a cocktail–we are on a mission to log 10,000 steps on our fit bits!!)

Originally built in 1668 and then expanded to include a tavern. It was safe ground for patriots to meet during the Revolutionary War era. It also served as a “prison” for the Revolution’s most notorious spy, Major John Andre. His fate was determined here..

This is one of my FAVORITE places in town.
These days we have great dinner and drinks here as well as awesome live music. Sometimes we have the pleasure of listening to my husband and friends play music here!

The Manse: A beautiful Dutch style house from the early 1700’s

Domine Samuel Verbryck who lived here is the founder of Rutgers College (yeay Rutgers–welcome to the Big 10)

The Manse
A brisk jog up a hill and we hit our next point of interest–Andre Hill
Everyone knows this hill is haunted. It’s the spot (as mentioned earlier) where Major Andre was hung!
A very unfortunate ending for Andre
Yep…that’s the hangman’s  spot

More walking and now we take a walk through Hickory Hill…..
This is a beautiful street of houses originally built in the ’50’s by WW2 veterans. It’s a community of homes that were built with the purpose of preserving the natural environment. Every family who would have a home here contributed 1000 hours on a neighbor’s house as well since building funds were low.

Hickory Hill Cooperative


One of the most interesting houses on Hickory Hill

The final stretch–The German Masonic building
And now we make our return and pass by an old abandoned building. This is the old German-Masonic building. The 20 acres of land was purchased by the German Masons in 1872 for $14,500 and construction started in 1906. From its finish date of 1909 it served as a residence for Masons and their family–anyone who could not fully take care of themselves.

Today it is abandoned and the roof is in disrepair in many spots, windows are broken and boarded up. It’s a sad fate for this beautiful building.

What a grand abandoned building

Home Sweet Home…Now it’s cocktail time!
Yep–10,000+ steps logged and about 4 miles of walking…yes we deserve some pre-New Year’s bubbly!


Bellinis for everyone….ahem…not everyone in this photo took the history lesson walk!


Cheers to the last hours of 2014!

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve Festivities and I’ll see you in 2015!!!


Me, my Burton vest, OSU hat, and the best accessory–a bellini!!!


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